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When you choose Carolina Hemp Hut for your Hemp and CBD needs, you're choosing a team of experts who believe in better health with hemp and other natural alternatives.

Save money, time and boost your health - with Carolina Hemp Hut.

Why Carolina Hemp Hut?

Carolina Hemp Hut was the first dedicated Hemp and CBD store in Durham County. Now, the Hut is present in multiple locations. Our staff is highly trained to provide the BEST information and education to our customers. When in doubt, our team does the research needed. This is why our customer satisfaction levels are among the HIGHEST in the industry.

What sets Carolina Hemp Hut apart?

These days, it's easy to open a new store. However, opening a store that is well-stocked with a large variety of products that people seek PLUS offering top-notch customer service isn't very common. We have developed a solid formula to help MORE people.

  • The Largest Selection of Hemp products in NC
  • The best trained CBD consultants in the State
  • The Largest selection of Hemp flower in NC
Best of Chapel Hill Magazine selects Carolina Hemp Hut as best recipient
Bona Vida Hemp (Elite) CBD Oil: Super Strength CBD Hemp Oil Extract

How you can leverage CBD

CBD and other hemp compounds have been shown to help in many ways. Principally, CBD and related cannabinoids are beneficial in reducing comfort associated with many conditions.

  • Pain and Aches
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Insomnia/Poor Sleep
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis/Inflammation

Hemp Flower options galore!

Carolina Hemp Hut offers the widest variety of Hemp Flower products - hands down. We offer numerous bulk "ready to measure" hemp flower products alongside many wonderful pre-packed strains. With Carolina Hemp Hut, you can find the best strains of Hemp Flower to match your particular needs.

  • Pre-packed Bags and Jars of Hemp Flower
  • Ready to Measure bulk Hemp Flower
  • Largest selection of Hemp pre-rolls
  • Large selection of Glassware and flower accessories
hemp flower near me: CBD and Hemp Flower for health
CBD Gummies near me at Carolina Hemp Hut

Huge (yes, it's HUGE) Selection of Edibles

Carolina Hemp Hut stocks a very large assortment of Hemp-based edibles. Delta-8 THC gummies, CBD Isolate gummies, Broad and Full Spectrum candies, and more are available. This means no matter your preference for taking cannabinoids, you have options with Carolina Hemp Hut.

  • Wide Selection of Delta-8 THC Gummies and other edibles
  • Very wide selection of Hemp-based CBD Gummies and many other edibles
  • Hemp Based edibles with Zero THC and Zero CBD

Make your skin GLOW with better hemp health

Your skin is the largest organ you have. We've discovered brands and products from across the USA which have been very effective at improving the overall comfort of your skin. Ease dry skin and combat inflammation, eczema, psoriasis and even acne with the aid of natural components from the hemp plant!

  • Ease discomfort from Eczema
  • Ease discomfort from muscle aches
  • Improve skin health
CBD and other Cannabinoids may help alleviate pain and improve skin health

We believe in Natural Health options

Carolina Hemp Hut is a dedicated source for your hemp health needs.

Mary Lopez Carter, Founder

"We know people need to take charge of their health. It's a daily choice. I want to help you Learn more ways to Boost Your Health Naturally with Hemp. We can help you find Botanical Solutions to improve your health while helping you with affordable options."

Mary Lopez Carter, Founder of Carolina Hemp Hut Stores

Products To Suit Everyone

If you're on the web and searching for "Hemp Oil near me" you're bound to get a lot of choices. Why not select the best resource for your questions and your products?

Hemp/CBD Drops

The best for Most people

Hemp Oil extract or CBD drops are the most common and for most people, the most effective way to enjoy Cannabinoids for better health.

They're available in different strengths, formulations and flavors for everyone to enjoy.

Hemp/CBD Edibles

Great for on the go

Some people dislike dispensing drops and dislike pills/capsules. For these people, plus for those adults who appreciate a little more fun when taking cannabinoids, edibles fit the bill perfectly.

Options include Delte-8 THC products such as gummies and honey sticks as well as CBD products from nearly every category of edible including hard candy and chocolates.

Hemp/CBD Topicals

Treat your skin and your health

Your skin is your body's largest organ. Treat it with Hemp products to improve the quality and health of your skin. Additionally, hemp/CBD lotions, salves, ointments, roll-ons and others provide opportunity to relieve a lot of discomfort simply due to the great benefits of cannabinoid products.

Help ease the discomfort you face today - with Hemp!

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If you walk into a neighborhood vape shop or grocery or even a convenience store and ask a clerk "What is the best full spectrum CBD product for me?" You're likely to get a vacant look or a shake of the head. Most in retail DO NOT understand the best ways to help customers learn more about cannabinoids to SAFELY enjoy better health options. The team at the Carolina Hemp Hut is the best source to start your journey.

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