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We would like for you to test out CBD for yourself

We will cheerfully send you a free bottle of New Beginnings 150mg (while supplies last) isolated CBD oil. 

This bottle may help you determine whether phytocannabinoids work well with your own health situation.

While the strength of these drops (150mg) are not as strong as you may find with a 1500mg or stronger products, they are still a good gauge for how your body may respond to CBD.

New Beginning CBD Drops 300mg

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What can CBD be used for?

CBD has been shown to offer many possible health improvements. 

Small doses of a CBD oil such as New Beginnings can be used as a skin repair agent. Simply smooth a few drops of CBD over areas with excessive dry skin or minor inflammation for faster healing.

CBD isolate such as New Beginnings may be used in a smoothie or other blended drink. A single dose (full dropper) of 150mg CBD provides 5mg of Cannabidiol.

Most people take CBD drops sublingually. This means squeezing out a full dropper of CBD under your tongue to dose. Allow the oil to stay under your tongue for at least 20 seconds for better absorption. 

To some, CBD oils have a strong, hempy taste. This can easily be avoided by using CBD in smoothies or in other beverages or foods.

  • Relax for better sleep
  • Ease discomfort from inflammation and pain
  • Lessen anxiety

Why start with CBD?

Unlike the common CBD and other product “Free Trial” scams (as pictured), CBD products from Carolina Hemp Hut are all lab-tested and quality assured.

Also, none of the Carolina Hemp Hut products are available via “free trial offers” which are often clever ways to remove money from people.

In free trial offers, scammers will often provide what appears to be a good deal such as only $1.99 for a bottle of 300mg CBD oil. Then they send you another each month at their real price (say $35.99). This causes customers to pay inflated prices for inferior products.

At the Carolina Hemp Hut, we do not need to do a bait and switch.  We offer value across the board.

Starting with CBD allows you to determine whether hemp health products are a good path for you without the high prices of some products.

CBD Gummy Scam with Shark Tank

Client Testimonials

"Super fast shipping and I received the items I ordered. My husband has a rare cancer and was having trouble keeping items down, these items helped him and aided in pain relief."
"If you are a veteran or just curious about "Green therapy" this is the ONLY spot you should be taking your business! Not only do they have an absolutely stellar collection of products and dosages. The staff are absolute rockstars who know the products inside and out.. they answered every question, helped with product suggestions, and made the entire experience amazing from the moment I walked into the door. Trust me if you have ever considered trying any CBD or Hemp products this is the place to start your wellness journey. Wish I could leave more then 5 stars! A true 10/10 experience."
"Came in the store a few weeks ago it was late near closing and I’m very indecisive. I believe the person who helped me was named Dave he was very very informative and polite and let me take all the time I needed to get what I wanted offering help along the way while maintaining a professional attitude answering all questions I had. Been to many different hemp shops best selection I’ve seen with a variety of products, definitely a hidden gem."

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Submit your information now to receive your savings. Get your FREE product today!

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Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham

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