Boost Your Health Naturally at the Hemp Hut

I want to help you Learn more ways to Boost Your Health Naturally with Hemp.

I can help you

find Botanical Solutions

to improve your health

while helping you

with affordable options.”

Mary Lopez Carter

Natural Health Options are more important now than ever before. As we become more dependent on pharmaceutical products made in foreign countries, we're limiting our options. Also, most doctors do not recommend natural solutions (such as change in diet) as a coordinated effort with prescription drugs even though a natural solution may be a better, long-term solution. At the Carolina Hemp Hut, we are eager to help our customers find better natural and botanical options to the discomfort which they may face.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), Hemp Oil Extract has numerous potential benefits. This means it has been shown to Boost Your Health Naturally. In addition to that, pure hemp oil has amazing diet-based benefits. Although the team at the Carolina Hemp Hut makes NO CLAIMS to the direct health benefits of hemp oil extract (based upon FDA guidelines), the WHO has stated that the following possible ailments may have associated relief from Hemp Oil Extract:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Huntington’s disease
  • hypoxia-ischemia injury
  • pain
  • psychosis
  • nausea
  • inflammatory diseases
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • infection
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetic complications

Our WHY. Our HOW. Our WHAT.

"Because I learned how important
natural remedies are to us as my husband
was diagnosed with cancer,
I made SURE that I could help people
get Healthier with the help of Botanical solutions
where prescription drugs may be missing the mark.
I make sure we offer remedies
that people can AFFORD
while they take steps to improve HEALTH.
We offer High Quality Cannabinoids
to people who CARE about Natural Health solutions
and want to boost their health naturally."

-Mary Lopez Carter,
Founder of Carolina Hemp Hut hemp and CBD stores

Linda G., Hillsborough, NC

“They're best in Service, beyond any pharmacy, beyond all the rest! There's only one place I will go now for anything Hemp. The guys at the Carolina Hemp Hut KNOW their stuff. They're the nicest folks you can find. And, they're patient beyond compare. This is absolutely the only place I trust for CBD and Hemp products for my family, me and my dog!”

Joy T., Roxboro, NC

“We met the owners and cute little fur baby, they were so kind and helpful. Their knowledge of the products was fantastic. We've been back a few times to restock and purchased some lotions and oils that are wonderful. I recommend this location not only for the products, they make you feel like your business is wanted, talk to you like people and not just trying to sell you something just for a sell. My mom and I appreciate them so much.”

Amber H., Augusta, GA

“The owners are very educated on their products. They are awesome people that really care about their customers! I’ve been in other Hemp stores but they do not compare to this one!”

Carolina Hemp Hut is the Best Starting Point for All Things Hemp

If you're seeking to buy "Hemp Oil Extract" or CBD (plus other cannabinoids) legally, then you're visiting the perfect source for information on "All Things Hemp".

You may seek out information at a local gas station where you see a small display of Hemp Bombs or Green Roads hemp oil extract products. These little displays are effective for getting people to discover CBD for the first time, but they're not very good at helping people 1) learn enough to be an "educated consumer" and 2) helping people start with an effective, affordable hemp oil extract product.

We understand the difficulty of buying reputable CBD online. This is why we work harder to provide better service and better products. We couple this with exceptional products. So, when you search for “Buy CBD online” - we have you covered

Everyone at Carolina Hemp Hut is trained to carefully walk through many aspects of hemp and CBD with each customer because we know that trying out gas station sushi may end up in a bad experience. This is why we remind people that Gas Stations are great for fuel, not for CBD. Visit the experts at Carolina Hemp Hut or give them a call whenever you're feeling like searching on Google or another search engine for "CBD Near Me" or similar.

Hemp Hut: Born in Carolina

No Matter where you are in North Carolina, the Carolina Hemp Hut has the expertise and the staff to help answer your questions and find the best products to match your needs. We work with our local (throughout the Triangle Area) clients and nation-wide clients with the same approach: Listen first, provided as much information as possible to educate, and follow up.

We are one of the first to open a North Carolina Hemp store. We created the Hemp Hut in Durham first. We soon expanded to Hillsborough.  The North Carolina Hemp Hut stores are growing in multiple ways!

A Sample of our current Sale Items

Carolina Hemp Hut Locations

Hemp Hut - Hillsborough (Flagship Store)

Hillsborough Commons Shopping Center
137 Mayo Street
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Hemp Hut - Durham

Oak Creek Village Shopping Center
4600 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Suite 21
Durham, North Carolina 27707

Hemp Hut - Chapel Hill/Carrboro


Hemp Hut - Pittsboro


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