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Your Local Hemp Dispensary: Carolina Hemp Hut

We are the Carolina Hemp/CBD Dispensary products for your hemp health needs

Our Most Popular Items

Featured Products for Your Well-being

Experience the benefits of hemp with our curated selection of CBD oil for pain relief and hemp products designed for comfort. Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, anxiety, or sleep issues, our team’s personal experience with these products means we’re well-prepared to guide you to the best solutions at great prices.

We cover the hemp full spectrum. Check out our THC, THCA, CBD, and CBG collections​.

Explore Our Wide Selection of Cannabinoids

From our initial best-selling full-spectrum gummies to our current diverse range of cannabinoid edibles, Carolina Hemp Hut offers adults a tastier way to enjoy life with less discomfort. Discover our Delta 8 THC or Delta 9 THC gummies and more for relief from the discomfort of anxiety, pain, and insomnia.

We understand many of the benefits that the hemp plant provides. Everyone at the Carolina Hemp Hut stores has used and enjoyed hemp-based products to alleviate discomfort from pain, aches (like muscle pain after work outs), anxiety, sleep issues (like insomnia), and more. Because of this personal understanding of cannabis and our products, we are more prepared to assist you in finding the best products for your needs at great prices.

We also provide products from highly respected industry brands such as Charlotte’s Web, One Source Botanicals, and Hemplucid among others. Check out our CBD drops for sleep and beyond!

We have Delta 8 gummies with all of their friends...

When we first opened Carolina Hemp Hut in 2018, our top selling edible was a wonderful full spectrum gummy at 10mg per edible (Liberty Botanicals CBD Hemp Chews).  Since then, more people opt for Delta 8 THC chews (the Chill Chews or similar) for easing into more comfortable sleep or simply low dose Delta 9 THC (from hemp) edibles to ward off the discomforts of life.

Since people are discovering more benefits from cannabinoids such as CBG and THCA too, these relatively new cannabinoids on the market have been making extremely popular among fans of natural healing.

CBD for Your Furry Friends

Recognizing that mammals like dogs and cats benefit from phytocannabinoids, we offer specially formulated CBD products for pets. Ease their discomfort and improve their well-being with our vet-recommended pet drops.

Buy THCA Vape Cartridges and Disposables Online

Picking the right THCA cart or disposable is like choosing the best ice cream flavor – you want the one that makes you the happiest! First find the form of vaping you prefer: Vaping with a Disposable or with cartridges is just as cool and any person looking for the vapes which offer a relief of discomfort should start with a disposable in most cases. Start with just a little puff and see how you feel. You can always take another if you want.

Whether you’re exploring THCA vape cartridges, searching for “CBD gummies near me,” or interested in natural hemp flower cigarettes, Carolina Hemp Hut has you covered as a cannabis dispensary and resource for herbal health. Our wide selection ensures you’ll find exactly what you need for a healthier lifestyle.

For those seeking spiritual healing through meditation, yoga, or other practices, we offer products that align with your journey towards a better mindspace. Let Carolina Hemp Hut be your partner in finding the energy and peace you seek.

CBD Gummies near me at Carolina Hemp Hut

Drops with cannabis provide one of the most accurate and quickest (other than inhaled) administration. However, many people prefer dosing with edibles. Our hemp-based edibles are amazing!

Hemp Flower Cigarettes and Bud

Natural cannabis products start with the flower in mosts cases. This is why Carolina Hemp Hut offers one of the widest selections of flower and bud on the East Coast. 

cbd for pets

Pets appreciate the therapeutic impact of more natural products. This is why there are so many more natural pet foods available. Pets respond positively to low/no THC drops and edibles to ease discomfort from aging, inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

Working on Spiritual Healing? Carolina Hemp Hut can help

Embracing better mindspace, meditation, yoga, and other therapies are becoming more popular than ever. Carolina Hemp Hut stocks a variety of products suited for finding the energy you seek.

Carolina Hemp sale

We loved being a leader in affordable, high-quality cannabis and natural products. This is why we also are unafraid to share great discovery pricing with our customers. Take advantage of these sale prices while they are active!

Cannabis Concentrate: Shatter

You can call it Shatter, Dab Wax, Terpy Drizzle, Honey Oil, Sap, or Budder, we still think of these as Concentrates. Most concentrates are offered with great Cannabis strain terpene profiles for authentic enjoyment.

Buy CBD, Delta 8, Cannabinoids Online plus the Best CBD in NC and North Carolina Hemp products

Carolina Hemp Hut is the largest Cannabis Dispensary of its type in North Carolina. We carry legal THCA, CBD, and other hemp products for a higher quality of life.

Welcome to Carolina Hemp Hut, North Carolina’s premier Carolina Dispensary destination for premium  products derived from hemp. We are a leading cannabis dispensary specializing in legal hemp derived cannabinoids and nootropics for better cognition and health.

Unlike online-only stores, our physical locations in Hillsborough, and Durham, NC offer you unparalleled customer service and expert guidance on our exceptional range of products. 

Our online store offers second-to-none levels of customer service and education. This means we are here to help you with education and great shopping assistance. We are here for you and we are happy to speak with you (just a call away!) to clear up any questions you may have before placing an order with us.

Why Choose Carolina Hemp Hut as your Cannabis Dispensary?

At Carolina Hemp Hut, we’re not just another hemp store. Our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience is unmatched. From our product matching service to our deep understanding of natural healing, we’re uniquely equipped to assist you in finding the perfect hemp-derived products for your needs—today. As compared to your standard Vape or Tobacco shops, Carolina Hemp Hut operates strictly as a cannabis dispensary. This means you will get more factual information about cannabis rather than sales fluff from clerks at the “other stores”. The budtenders at the Hut provide the latest research on terpenes, cannabinoids, research, and legal coverage of cannabis products. Rest assured, you are better served at a Carolina Hemp Hut location for “all things cannabis” rather than a vape shop.

Our Commitment to Quality

We understand the importance of clean, safe products. That’s why our offerings, from THC and CBD to CBG collections, are lab-tested and produced in GMP-certified facilities. We prioritize your safety and happiness, selecting products with minimal exposure to solvents, preservatives, and harmful chemicals.

In the dispensaries for the Carolina Hemp Hut, we get a common question. Does Cannabis help you sleep? 

Since sleep and sleep quality are really combined into a key issue for our customers, we like provide solid information to them so they may make more educated decisions about their health options using cannabis as a “supplement” for health

Shop Our Sales for the Best Deals

As leaders in affordable, high-quality cannabis and natural products, we’re excited to offer great discovery pricing. Don’t miss out on these deals—explore our sale items today.

Why Trust Carolina Hemp Hut?

Choosing Carolina Hemp Hut means opting for a partner dedicated to your journey towards improved well-being. With our focus on quality, education, and personalized service, we’re here to ensure you experience the Carolina Hemp Hut difference.