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When it comes to Concentrates, We have it!

Carolina Hemp Hut has established a reputation of carrying concentrates in neutral distillates and terpy strains with more choices than anyone in the State of NC. Additionally, we offer nearly every strain for LESS than what you will find in most conventional hemp retailers. 

We prefer to stock the landrace strains and classic cannabis combinations whenever possible to appeal to the broader cannabis audience. You will find such strains as:

Concentrate Syringes

Concentrate Syringes

For dispensing accuracy and ease, most people prefer a distillate syringe. 

This allows for more precise dosing coupled with flexibility since it can be used in edibles, dabbing, flower boosting and more. 

THCA Shatter and Live Resin Concentrates

Shatter and wax

Shatter, Rosin, and Wax allow for terpene-rich enjoyment of your favorite cannabis strain. 

Current concentrates from Industrial Hemp growers are chock full of beneficial terpenese and often have added natural terpenes (strain specific) to boost their health impact.

Popular strains are most often featured.

CBD Isolate Powder

Isolate Powder

A hidden yet affordable gem in the cannabis kingdom.

With concentrates such as isolated CBD, you can create your own MCT or Olive Oil based tinctures, boost the CBD in a pre-roll, or use it to enhance an edible.

Isolate powder is typically sold by the gram and is available from a number of brands at Carolina Hemp Hut stores.

Getting Higher Cannabinoids from Concentrates

Concentrates of cannabis are simply refined or distilled cannabis compounds, sometimes isolated to only one compound (such as CBD isolate), that are very flexible for health uses.

For those on a budget, many prefer to use concentrates because they are higher in CBD or other cannabinoid compounds per milligram of product than comparative products.

Aren't things like Shatter for Stoners?

It’s a common misconception that people who use cannabis products are stoners. 

This may be true for a very small segment of the population, just like only a small portion of our population abuses cough drops, prescription drugs, junk food, or alcohol.

We cater to those who know that CBD and other cannabinoids are HELPFUL to improving health results.

Carolina Hemp Hut maintains strict adherence to the US Farm Bill (2018). 

This means that Carolina Hemp Hut’s flower is in compliance with the legal limits of Delta-9 THC and every concentrate product is backed with a corresponding COA detailing the THC content.

How are Concentrates Effective?

Higher doses of cannabinoids such as CBD are often found to be beneficial to individuals with high levels of discomfort from aches and pains, excess anxiety, and other conditions. Taking higher doses with manufactured Full Spectrum or even Isolated products can be prohibitive. 

For example, some websites have isolated CBD drops at 1000mg for over $55! If you choose from the stocked products at Carolina Hemp Hut stores, you can save more than $40 per 1000mg of CBD.

When you dose with concentrates, the health impact is comparable to that of typical hemp health products such as tinctures and CBD Gummies/Edibles. The difference is you’re not paying for the gummy or the bottle of oil.

Concentrate with Cannabis

We love providing a variety of brands and products with high quality cannabinoids that have been lab-tested. Brands we stock include nationally known brands and manufacturers with a reputation for premium cannabinoids.

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