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Category: Usage

Pure Hemp Smokes carton of CBG hempettes from Carolina Hemp Hut

Pure Hemp Smokes Review

When you have blocks of time between customer visits in the the dispensary, you tend to get scrutinize your collection of products if you are really curious about cannabis. This is why it is pretty easy to put some words down which reflect a real Pure Hemp Smokes review from the perspective of a budtender.

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Cannabis products such as CBD do help you rest, but maybe not like you think

Insomnia: Why Can’t I get to Sleep?

Why Can’t I get to sleep? This is an oft-repeated question by millions of people daily across the land. Did you know that quite a few of us are facing sleep issues because of our habits and beheviors?

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CBD for Pets

CBD Has Gone to the Dogs

CBD for Dogs and Cats is becoming more commonplace than ever. Humans and Pets alike have endocannabinoid receptors in the body and these react to improve health outcomes.

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What is Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Oil

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

In our earlier article on Hemp Oil, we examined its source and its commonly attributed benefits. We considered it’d be very helpful to present the most commonly asked questions with regard to Hemp Oil and its cousin, Hemp Oil Extract (including CBD).

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Isolate, Broad Spectrum, Full spectrum
Broad Spectrum

What do Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum mean?

We really don’t want a lot of confusion among our customers. People come into our stores and frequently have some bewilderment when it comes to what they’re actually getting. What we end up discovering is that most of the time, they know enough about CBD and Hemp Oil Extract to be in the store and curious, but not enough to to make the wise choices. This is where we come in. We start out by helping them with the answer to: “What do isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum mean?”

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