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We really want to be the one store that you find when it comes to hemp because we are the one store that is different. Search the web and Reviews for The Best Hemp Store near Me should be showing clear as day “Carolina Hemp Hut – Hillsbrough”, or perhaps “Carolina Hemp Hut – Durham” then we hope that means you’re out of State or you are too far away for Google or another search engine to help.

Yes, it sounds like we are blowing our own horn, that’s because it is true. We know that Google and Facebook will not allow us to advertise on their platforms (Hemp = Evil). Because of this, we have to make sure that we offer the absolute best service we can along with truly exceptional products.

We also jump into action QUICKLY when something is “off”. This is why we truly appreciate the feedback we get, in all forms. We simply ask that our customers leave honest feedback when positive but give us a chance to help if the experience you had was not great. We truly care to deliver the best we can at all times.

If you would like to speak directly with a member of the executive team, you may call 855-HEMP-OIL.

Learn about how we aim to be The Best Hemp Store on the East Coast

At the Carolina Hemp Hut, our team is different from what you will find in any hemp store, any vape/tobacco shop, any grocery store, and pretty much anywhere else you may search for high quality CBD and other Hemp Derived Compounds.

We not only are committed to learning more about cannabis health aspects, but we work to educate our customers with multiple options for their targeted goals.

We appreciate working individually with our customers and we invite the interaction. In this way, we can remain the best cannabis store in NC while keeping our local, very dedicated clientelle happy.

With your reviews and follow up on orders and questions, you can continue to get high quality, lower-priced cannabis products with exceptional customer experience whether the transaction is e-commerce or in-store.

Mary Lopez Carter Founder of Carolina Hemp Hut
Mary Lopez Carter, Founder of Carolina Hemp Hut and Sana Health/Distribution

Carolina Hemp Hut was established as a hemp store from the start. Cannabis (hemp) and herbal remedies were the concentrated focus for Mary Lopez Carter and her team.

“I don’t see why we should offer products which do nothing but harm the consumer when our goal is to heal people.” Mary offered to a group of happy customers at the Grand Opening of the new dispensary in Hillsborough. “Vape and Tobacco shops offer products intended to harm their customers. Look at their cigarettes, concentrated nicotine products and equally worse, sugar-laden sodas. None of their products is designed to HELP the consumer.”

Carolina Hemp Hut sticks to the mission of helping people by providing better choices for people to enjoy their lives while pursuing better health.

The Best Dispensary in North Carolina

Carolina Hemp Hut is not a creation of a large corporate cannabis interest. It was founded on principles of healing and helping.

It’s about the healing, not the high,” Mary Lopez Carter said. “We know that some people want to take a vacation from their stressful days by enjoying an herbal boost. We also know that a lot of people are able to live more comfortably without the discomforts of anxiety, insomnia, aches and pains, and other health-related issues thanks to herbal opportunities.”

Carolina Hemp Hut has a regional impact as customers from far beyond the local markets of Hillsborough and Durham enjoy the products and savings found only at the Hemp Hut stores. “We offer personalized phone guidance when it comes to herbal opportunities for healing which can make a difference in our customers’ lives.”

The Carolina Hemp Hut dispensaries offer a broad range of exceptionally produced, hemp-derived products for the therapeutic and the recreational outcomes. “Our products are all lab-tested and the majority are now with GMP origins. We want to protect our customers in every way we can.”

The Pittsboro, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Roxboro, Mebane, and Efland home of Hemp

In the local market, the Carolina Hemp Hut stores are the leader in physician and medical professional referral engagements. In addition, local customers know they can count on the trained consultants at the Hemp Hut to provide solid product education and guidance when it comes to ‘testing the waters’ with hemp products.

“When we got started in the hemp business in 2017, we looked at ideal locations taking into consideration a number of factors. One of those factors was affordability to the customer. We knew we could set up a shop on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill or on 9th Street in Durham since we were a pioneer in the Hemp business in North Carolina. But those locations would also keep prices higher for customers due to their much-higher rent and other costs.”

Carolina Hemp Hut’s flagship location in Hillsborough was selected to provide the best advantages for customers to get more value and assistance than possible in the downtown locations so often desired by corporate cannabis outlets which carry higher prices and limited product selection.