Whether you’re a fan of CBD-infused chocolate or have a hankering for yummy gummies with CBD, we have your ingestible items (also called edibles). Our stores offer CBD Living Water, Gummies, Chocolates, and drinks for adult-purchase only.

Mother Nature offers more natural compounds that have been used for many years successfully to help us heal and recover. Compounds from green tea, hemp (cannabis), mushrooms, kratom, kava, maca, and so many more botanical and natural sources have healed humans like you for eons.

Now, Carolina Hemp Hut stores stock and continue to expand their selection for natural healing from plants and nature.

Mushroom edibles have become far more popular as people are discovering mushrooms with lab-tested and clinical testing of cordyceps, reishi, turkey tail, and lion’s mane. Amanita mushrooms are finding a following among those who eschew drinking alcohol.

More edible products are being created, tested and enjoyed each week.

Carolina Hemp Hut sticks to their practice of requiring all consumable products in store to have accompanying third part lab testing with results presented.

We take the extra steps where vape/tobacco shops, convenience stores, and grocers cannot or will not to protect customers.

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