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The State of Wyoming is considering banning some hemp compounds and products

Wyoming Hemp Ban Bill Heads to Legislature: What You Need to Know

In a narrow 6-8 vote, the Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Judiciary Committee passed a bill proposing a ban on hemp substances containing synthetic or ‘psychoactive’ components. This move has sparked intense debate among lawmakers, with concerns ranging from potential bans on CBD products to impacts on the hemp farming industry. Despite divided opinions, the bill is advancing, drawing attention to the controversial compound delta-8 and its presence in Wyoming’s rapidly growing hemp market. The bill’s fate will be decided when it reaches the Wyoming Legislature’s budget session in February 2023.

Cannabis Store

The Influence of Proximity: How Distance Shapes Cannabis Store Purchases

Discover the intriguing connection between proximity and cannabis store purchases. Recent research highlights that consumers are more likely to choose legal cannabis products when they are conveniently located. This phenomenon, known as the “proximity effect,” is shaping the way people buy cannabis. At Carolina Hemp Hut, we embrace this dynamic by strategically placing our dispensaries and offering higher quality products. Learn how the combined factors of quality, convenience, and proximity are revolutionizing the cannabis purchasing experience.