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Hemp Near Me: Where to find Hemp in NC

Hemp Near Me:

Where to find Hemp in NC

As you seek better health outcomes for yourself and family, we know that you have options when it comes to finding hemp products nearby. Some grocery stores, many convenience stores, and even more vape/tobacco shops are carrying products made from hemp now.

This means finding hemp products is not too difficult. What IS DIFFICULT is finding reliable hemp products.

We get lots of questions in our shops about quality. If you think about it, we SHOULD be obsessed (like we are) with quality, especially with hemp products. Then again, we should be paying attention to quality in many ways, like with our health.

The Hemp Products we offer are all US grown and packaged within the US. This way, we can ensure high levels of quality with all of our products. In addition, there are other things which Carolina Hemp Hut and the products we offer have as “standards” which make choosing hemp products from us, safer and easier. Let’s consider some FAQs that can help you find better hemp products.

What kind of testing does QUALITY hemp go through?

Marijuana and Hemp share the same genus and species, but in the eyes of the government, they're not the same. We break this down for you

Hemp Products designed for use with animals (dogs, cats, humans, and horses are all animals, right?) to follow basic compliance rules are tested for level of cannabinoids present. For example, a bottle of CBD (tincture) may be packaged as a 600mg bottle. This means there should be very close to 600mg of CBD actually present in the whole bottle (most bottles of hemp product or drops are in one ounce bottles).

This is the basic level of testing. Quality hemp products, however, go through more testing and the best products most often will have what is called ‘five-panel testing’ available. This is just a reference to the full set of tests for cannabis products which will also include things like whether there are large amounts (or any) of super harmful chemicals such as herbicides or heavy metals in your product.

Most Convenience stores and vape/tobacco shops do not offer their customers access to 5-panel test results because they do not have this level of testing done. These tests cost about $100 more than the other basic test for the whole batch. Many view (incorrectly) that this is better to save and keep costs low and hope the customer does not have any issues with their product.

Carolina Hemp Hut and other retailers who offer high quality cannabis products not only offer 5-panel test information, but we scrutinize our tests to ensure our customers are not subject to mismatched or improper test results. We make sure the test results reflect what the packaging tells us should be in the product. A 600mg CBD bottle is 604.7mg in test results. This passes our standard qualification and we look for heavy metals and pesticides/herbicides. When these all pass our standards for product safety, we scrutinize the terpene and cannabinoid reports.

How can I tell the strength of CBD in a dose from a bottle?

A lot of people will purchase a bottle of CBD oil or another product like hemp edibles with CBD or Full Spectrum cannabinoids and buy it based on what they see on the label. A bag of CBD gummies may read “1500 mg”. When you see this number, understand that that number represents the TOTAL amount of cannabinoids (like CBD) in the entire bottle or bag.

This is important since most people think the 1500mg (or whatever other number such as 500mg or 1000mg) represents the total product per dose or application.

We have seen very bad sales techniques when a sales clerk at a grocery stores offering CBD said “1200mg per dose sounds strong to me. It could make you high.”

This one secret is all you need to figure out the per dose amount. Use the “big number” you see on the bottle (such as 1500mg) or bag as your first number. You will divide this number by 30 if the bottle is a one ounce bottle or 60 if the bottle is a two ounce bottle of hemp product. The resulting number is the most approximate dosage per full dropper of the product. If the product is edibles, simply divide the big number by the total number of edibles in the package.

Knowing the Per Dose amount better equips you to treat your discomfort more natually with safer methods.

Is Full Spectrum higher quality?

Some retailers will intentionally confuse customers with the terms associated with cannabis products. This is done because it’s easier to confuse and sell than educate and sell. At the Carolina Hemp Hut stores, we dedicate ourselves to learning more about better health and cannabis all the time. It shows too when you visit us or speak with us on the phone.

We know an educated consumer will save more money and be happier with their choices.
Full Spectrum in a product typically means that there is a complete collection of possible phytocannabinoids present in the product. This means that there may be small amounts (often called trace amounts) of phytocannabinoids such as delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, CBDV, CBT, and so many others. What you are far more likely to see with a hemp-derived full spectrum product is very large amounts such as 20mg, 60mg or more of CBD. The other cannabinoids are likely to all be under 5mg in total strength.

When you have a Broad Spectrum product, it typically means you have a natural collection of cannabinoids like the Full Spectrum, but a key cannabinoid, in most cases delta 9 THC is not present at all or in such small amounts, there is no real impact.

An isolate products will be a product that has just one (for example, CBD) cannabinoid present in the product.
In all of these products, the cannabinoids are selected by the consumer for best results with their health. When you consider one brand, for example, Hemplucid or One Source Botanicals, their various Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or Isolate products all are highest quality and people select one product over another based upon budget, strength and desired impact of the cannabinoids that product has on their level of comfort desired.

One Source Botanicals Broad Spectrum Tincture Vanilla

Now that I know what to look for, where can I get CBD/Hemp Edibles?

When shopping for edibles (or drops or pet products or Hemp flower), you can find hemp products in stores across the State of NC. This is because it is legal to offer hemp-derived products that comply with the US Farm Bill 2018.

Since Hemp products are legal, many stores are excited to offer them. While we agree most products are safe, we always hope to make sure our customers and anyone reading our articles and information are educated on safer product selection.

Of course, we offer what we believe is the highest level of product quality in the State of NC. There may be other stores where the quality meets the high levels we have set for ourselves. If you are in doubt over the quality of the products in a store near you, consider visiting us on our e-commerce store here and placing your order for delivery or shipping.

Again, since hemp products are now legal in the State of NC, you are likely to find products of some quality in most cities across the State.

Carolina Hemp Hut stores ship across the country and State. Since we are the largest dedicated hemp stores of our kind in the State, we know that people expect big things from us and we work hard to not let our customers down.

We suggest you consider your local hemp provider first, after all, they may be more convenient to you. But, verify the quality of the products before buying. If your local source cannot provide you with lab-tested, GMP-certified or similar quality, then be sure to contact us. We will help.

As a team dedicated to helping people with hemp products, we try to help everyone who needs our assistance.

We offer our local customers in the cities of Durham, Bahama, Roxboro, Rougemont, and Chapel Hill direct service from our 15/501 store in Durham.

Some of our medical community (referring Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors and others) live in some of these neighborhoods and have been able to discover how we go to great lengths to help people with Cannabinoids with respect to the medical recommendations patients have from their physicians.

From Woodcroft and RTP to South Durham and over to Duke Campus Neighborhood, we have dedicated customers there who appreciate our store’s consultants, our customer service, delivery option, and fast shipping on subscriptions for savings.

As a team dedicated to helping people with hemp products, we try to help everyone who needs our assistance.

We offer local customers in Cedar Grove, Efland, Mebane, Burlington, and Carrboro exceptional products from our Hillsborough dispensary and flagship store.

Beckett’s Ridge, Cornwallis Hills, Hillcrest, Waterstone Estates, and Churton Grove customers are frequent visitors as they’re able to secure super fast curbside pickup in our convenient Mayo Street location. We also offer our delivery services to local Senior Care centers in the area on our Monthly Subscription Savings programs.

At all locations, we continue to offer tremendous savings in our Hero programs for Veterans, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Personnel, and others. Visit our stores for more information or simply give us a call.

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