Hemp Oil Extract Drops

Hemp Oil Extract Drops


Carolina Hemp Hut carries more Hemp Oil Extract drops with a wide selection of cannabinoids

Hemp Oil Extract Drops are produced in a wide variety of combinations. Some are Isolated CBD, others are Broad Spectrum, while others are Full Spectrum. Plus, there's a range of strengths from which to choose. A 1 oz. bottle may contain 500mg or 1500mg or more. If it's a 2 oz. bottle, it could be 4500mg or 5000mg. Further, many producers add essential oils and in some cases, artificial sweeteners to make the very earthy natural hemp oil taste more tasty.

Whatever your choice, the team at the Carolina Hemp Hut stores and online consultants want to be sure you're able to match the best feature combination to your particular needs and desired budget. We do this by making sure we stock a large variety of Hemp Oil Extract drops - PERIOD. We use strict guidelines for testing all products we stock including 3rd party testing and blind follow up testing. This way, it's not likely any manufacturer is able to "sneak" an inferior product into our stores. This helps us assure you, the customer, are getting high quality results with every purchase from the Carolina Hemp Hut brand stores.

The #1 Source for Hemp Oil Extract Drops

We carry Isolate (just CBD), Broad Spectrum (range of cannabinoids without THC), and Full Spectrum (trace of THC) extract products.

The Best Hemp Oil Extract Drops and Tinctures

Hemp oil extract drops are often mislabeled as "Tinctures". This is ok, though, we understand what our customers are seeking when they ask for tinctures as well. Our selection of drops is the largest in the Triangle and we'll ship across the USA. Our hemp oil extracts come in Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum and isolate. We'd love to provide the cannabinoids and Hemp products that you prefer.

Nearly every hemp oil extract product contains the most common, naturally-occurring cananbinoid of Cannabidiol (CBD). When the product contains only CBD, it's known as an Isolate (product). When the hemp oil extract contains a collection of cannabinoids naturally found within the plant material, it's often called Full Spectrum. This normally includes a trace amount of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In the State of North Carolina (the location of Carolina Hemp Hut HQ), the legal limit for THC is 0.3% (dwt). We stick to this legal limit to keep our products safe from legal harm to customers. Other States, such as CA and CO, can offer higher legal limits of THC. However, some of these States also have exceptionally higher prices for their CBD and other cannabinoid productsts.

Small boutiques such as Kibou Botanicals CBD has a small inventory compared to Carolina Hemp Hut.

Hemp Oil Extract Drops with Isolated Cannabinoid

Hemp Oil Extract Drops with Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids

Hemp Oil Extract Drops with Full Spectrum Cannabinoids