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When it comes to Flower and Bud, We have it!

Carolina Hemp Hut has established a reputation of carrying more Hemp Flower and Bud strains and varieties than anyone in the State of NC. Additionally, we offer nearly every strain for FAR LESS than what you will find in most conventional hemp retailers.

Visiting North Carolina? Near the Triangle area? Go ahead and ask your friends “where can I buy hemp flower near me?” 

They’ll likely tell you: “Carolina Hemp Hut is the best place to get CBD/Hemp flower!”

We nearly always stock HIGH CBD and HIGH CBD flower strains such as:

Hemp Flower Pre Roll

Hemp Pre-ROLLS

We take care of all of the effort needed to get your hemp flower prepared for use. All you need is a lighter, hemp wick or matches (we sell all of these too)!

Come test our our Hemp Flower and Bud! 

hemp flower near me: CBD and Hemp Flower for health

Bulk Bud

Looking for 21 Grams of High Quality Hemp Flower that’s not pre-packaged and sitting on a dusty shelf? Carolina Hemp Hut stocks more than a dozen bulk flower options every day of the year!

Mile High Cure Hemp Buds

Pre-Packed Hemp Flower

We stock a variety of brands, strains and sizes of Hemp flower. We also stock D8 infused flower, terpene infused blends and a variety of shake and trim packs for your personal extraction.

Hemp Flower with high CBD

You may not know this, but Hemp Flower, especially high quality hemp flower, often has higher CBD content per gram (dwt) than nearly every other cannabis product – including tinctures and gummies. For example, a single Moon Rock pre-roll can be as high as 450mg of naturally-occurring CBD/CBDa with an associated retail cost of under $15 per gram.

Carolina Hemp Hut also offers a great selection of Hemp smokes (hempettes, CBD cigarettes, etc.) for smoking of CBD rich hemp flower without the stigma of smoking tobacco. 

Some of our most popular hemp smokes include Pure Hemp Smokes, Blaz Hemp Smokes, and Snapz Hemp Smokes.


It is true that Hemp Flower is Cannabis Flower. However, Industrial Hemp regulations specifies that no hemp products may contain more than 0.3% (dwt) of Delta-9 THC. 

Carolina Hemp Hut maintains strict adherence to the US Farm Bill (2018). 

This means that Carolina Hemp Hut’s flower is in compliance with the legal limits of Delta-9 THC and every flower product is backed with a corresponding COA detailing the THC content.

We are the hemp store of North Carolina!

But, isn't Delta-8 also THC?

Yes, Delta-8 is a form of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. However, Federal law has made only the Delta-9 isomer of THC illegal.

Currently, many people are enjoying the calming impact of D8 products, including Hemp Flower with natural and infused Delta-8 distillate. When people are able to reduce their reliance on expensive pharmaceutical products with intimidating effects (often called “side effects”) using natural and botanical products, it helps far more people.

THC in all forms is believed to be a helpful compound to relieve discomfort from aches and pains, severe insomnia, and high levels of anxiety.

Our hemp store (NC) offers Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC (within legal limits, US Farm Bill 2018), and Delta 10 THC in addition to other effective phytocannabinoids for discomfort.

We have the Hemp!

We carry premium brands of high quality hemp. You can find great CBD rich hemp products from reputable growers and processors with Carolina Hemp Hut stores. Every product comes to our warehouse with necessary COAs and documentation. This way, you can be assured that the products we ship across the United States are of exceptional quality.

Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham

Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham

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Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham
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