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Boost your Health with Hemp!

Hemp products take many forms. When it comes to boosting your health with botanicals, most people are familiar with herbal remedies such as Chamomile and Echinacea. 

We’re happy that many people prefer to take their CBD and related products in tinctures (drops) and gummies (edibles). But, there are many people who simply prefer to take capsules or gel caps for their daily doses of cannabinoids.

Currently, we carry the following brands of botanical nutrition products:

  • TRU Organics
  • Original Hemp
  • Bona Vida Hemp
  • Evo Hemp
  • CBD Infusionz
CBD is available in Gelcaps as well as other administration methods such as gummies

GEL Caps

Both Isolated and Full Spectrum cannabinoids are available in the gel caps stocked by Carolina Hemp Hut.

Take your daily cannabinoids easily and quickly with these easy to dose gel caps.

Hemp Gel Caps

Powdered CBD Capsules

Combinations of Cannabinoids in powdered form are loaded into these convenient capsules for simple dosing. 

This form of “pill” is normally the most versatile way to dose the best variety of cannabinoids. 

Sleep may be much better with the aid of CBD

Capsules by Formula

Carolina Hemp Hut offers a variety of gel caps and capsules with varied formulas for Sleep, Stress, Pain Relief and more. 

If you’re facing a specific outcome, speak with one of our CBD Consultants.

What's in the Capsules?

CBD Rich and cannabinoid rich gel caps as well as regular capsules are often great sources of high quality isolated CBD. In addition, many products are full spectrum – meaning they have a host of other cannabinoids in addition to Cannabidiol (CBD).

Each capsule is typically 25mg of total cannabinoids and often is the perfect dose for most people. However, if you’re seeking stronger doses, gel caps and capsules make it easier to incrementally boost your dosage.

When should you Take Capsules?

Hemp based capsules, such as Bona Vida Hemp’s full spectrum caps provide helpful cannabinoids at any time of the day. Typically, the therapeutic level of the capsule will start to show after about an hour after consumption. This means if you’re seeking some relief of discomfort from anxiety or insomnia, then you’ll need to take the capsule at least an hour prior to expected need.

For general use, take one capsule each morning or evening. When taking more than one capsule, it’s safe to spread them out over the course of your day.

What's a good strength for my gel caps?

Most bottles of CBD capsules provide a 30-day supply of 25mg capsules. This means a regular bottle of gel caps would be 750mg (this is 30 x 25 = 750). For some people, they may need only a 5mg capsule to ease the discomfort associated with daily or occasional anxiety or pain. For others, a daily dose of 25mg covers the therapeutic needs from cannabis. It’s true that others may find less discomfort with higher (such as 100mg/day) doses.