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One-Stop Shopping for the key items: Wraps, Papers, Cones, and More for your next sesh.

Welcome to the Hemp Cabinet at the Carolina Hemp Hut, your ultimate destination for a comprehensive range of hemp accessories and supplies. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, our curated selection offers everything you need to enhance your cannabis experience, from cleaners and wraps to rolling papers and dab tools.

Cones: Ready-to-Go Elegance

Discover a world of pre-rolled elegance with our selection of cones. Crafted in cone shapes with a filter tip, these pre-rolled papers are available in various sizes and materials, including hemp and rice paper options.

Hemp Cabinet hemp cones from Zig Zag unbleached

Wraps: Craft Your Perfect Roll

For the artisans of rolling, our selection of wraps is a treasure trove. With options like hemp wraps and palm wraps, you can personalize your joint to perfection. Hemp wraps, made from natural hemp fibers, provide a tobacco-free alternative. On the other hand, palm wraps, derived from palm tree leaves, offer a subtly sweet flavor.

Rolling Papers: Craftsmanship Unleashed

Experience the art of rolling with our premium rolling papers. Available in hemp, rice, and wood pulp, these thin sheets allow you to craft joints tailored to your preferences. Hemp papers embrace the natural essence, while rice papers ensure a steady, even burn.

The Hemp Cabinet is the Carolina Hemp Hut supply room for all of your wraps, dab tools, rolling papers and more for your herb use

Flavored Cones: Infused with Taste

Indulge your senses with flavored cones that add an exciting twist to your smoking experience. From grape and cherry to blueberry, these pre-rolled papers infuse a burst of flavor into your sessions.

Tips and Splitters: Master the Art

Elevate your rolling game with tips and splitters. Tips create filters for your joints, while splitters enable you to craft the perfect roll.

Rolling Paper Accessories: Craftsmanship Enhanced

Refine your rolling process with accessories like rolling trays, machines, and grinders. These tools simplify your rolling journey and ensure a seamless smoking experience.

Cone Filling Machines: Precision Perfected

Achieve precision with cone filling machines that expertly pack your favorite herbs into pre-rolled cones. Say goodbye to tedious manual filling and hello to perfectly rolled joints.

Handheld Rolling Machines: Ease and Efficiency

For those seeking ease, handheld rolling machines are your solution. These compact devices assist in creating the perfect joint, especially helpful for those new to rolling.

Raw Hemp Wick for smoking cannabis

Hemp Wick: Natural Ignition

Embrace natural ignition with hemp wick, a chemical-free alternative to lighters. Made from hemp fibers, it complements your conscious smoking experience.

Cleaners, Storage, and Tools: Holistic Care

Our Hemp Cabinet extends beyond rolling essentials. Explore cleaners tailored for cannabis containers, glass pipes, and silicone accessories. Elevate your storage game with stash jars and odorless bags. Equip yourself with a variety of tools, from dabbing essentials like torches and knives/scrapers to mats, trays, and grinders.

Connect with Us

The Hemp Cabinet at the Carolina Hemp Hut ensures you have access to premium accessories for your cannabis journey. Reach out to us via phone to ensure you’re equipped with the perfect items for your personal Hemp Cabinet. Embark on a journey of discovery and enhancement as you explore the world of hemp and cannabis with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Hemp Cabinet features a diverse range of accessories including cones, wraps, rolling papers, tips, splitters, rolling paper accessories, cone filling machines, handheld rolling machines, hemp wick, cleaners, storage solutions, and various tools.

Absolutely! The Hemp Cabinet caters to both beginners and experienced enthusiasts, offering a variety of products that enhance your cannabis experience, regardless of your level of expertise.

Yes, we offer a selection of storage solutions such as stash jars and odorless bags to keep your herbs and accessories safe and fresh.


You can explore our Hemp Cabinet products online or visit our dispensary for an in-person experience. Feel free to contact us for any assistance in finding the perfect accessories for your needs.

Yes, the Hemp Cabinet includes accessories suitable for both cannabis flower and concentrates, ensuring a comprehensive selection for all preferences.

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