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HempLucid Reviews

We are big fans of the HempLucid products. It was one of our first premium brands which we loved when we first opened our doors. One of the biggest reasons why we have stuck with HempLucid is their dedication to product quality and purity.

The team at HempLucid continues to do the right thing to make the best product that is both safe and effective. They are amazing when it comes to supporting their product in the marketplace.

This makes us very happy to be a high volume distributor and retailer for their fine products.

HempLucid Water Soluble

Their biggest selling products are typically their water soluble CBD products. They sell so much more than their Hemp or MCT Oil counterparts, that we often go directly to the HempLucid Water Soluble CBD drops on the shelf when a customer asks for the their drops. They are simply very effective.

The CBD Oil products have great reception and they have a wide audience of people who have noticed improvement in their quality of life while administering the drops.

HempLucid Gummies

When it comes to their collections, their Gummies truly shine. Their current therapeutic blends for Stress, Focus, and Sleep have been flying off the shelves since they hit home with so many people. We love offering these to our Hemp Health subscribers so they can save even more. These Mushroom/Hemp compound blends are an amazing Team Up of herbal compounds destined to boost your day.

Buying HempLucid from Carolina Hemp Hut

We do not often offer a HempLucid Discount Code because our pricing, especially for the Gummies/Edibles, is so wonderful for our customers, they really do not need to go snooping for discount codes for HempLucid. It’s that good.

When you are looking for water soluble CBD or great therapy oriented gummies, your first stop should be here at the Carolina Hemp Hut.