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Across North Carolina. Across the Country. Carolina Hemp Hut delivers/ships to you! We offer a tremendous selection of highest quality, lab-tested, natural products at great prices. We aim to be Your Favorite Dispensary in North Carolina.

Fast Shipping

We ship promptly. We take fast action on all orders so you do not have to wait for in-stock items.

Secure Purchasing

100% secure payment using SSL and secure e-commerce.

Carolina Hemp Hut offers fast, in-State delivery within our delivery area. Call for details. Carolina Hemp Hut delivers dispensary items to you.

Daily Deliveries

We offer daily delivery services direct from our Dispensary to you!*

Top-Notch Support

Have a question about hemp or our products? Give us a call! 855-HEMP-OIL

Carolina Hemp Hut is a LEADER in the hemp product marketplace. We specialize in All Things Hemp. This means you can search for your favorite hemp-based products, whether they are Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, HHC, THCa, CBG, CBD or so many other cannabinoids, and find them at Carolina Hemp Hut. Go ahead and give us a look and see for yourself.

Are you a fan of Delta 9 THC Edibles?

We have announced our pre-launch savings for EVERYONE. The One Source Botanicals Medical Partner Program goes into effect soon. Take advantage of their savings RIGHT now!

Because of special arrangements with local (NC) Physicians and medical professionals, Carolina Hemp Hut is able to provide wonderful hemp health products at significantly discounted prices to qualified buyers.

Take advantage of this program with Pre-Launch pricing available for a VERY LIMITED time.

Act now! Visit the OSB brand listing for immediate savings today!

Edibles: Hemp, Mushroom, Kratom and other edibles

Relax more with helpful natural compounds including CBD and Delta

Drops: Hemp Derived Cannabinoids

Drops to provide missing or limited phytocannabinoids to boost health outcomes

Concentrates: Hemp-Derived

Extracted concentrates from the American Hemp crops. CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 8 and other cannabinoids


Flower, pre-rolls, quarters and more are brimming with cannabinoids for reaching the relaxation, focus, or energy goals you seek to hit.
Readers Choice award News of Orange Best CBD cbd stores near me

2019-2020 Readers' Choice

Carolina Hemp Hut has won the prestigious Readers' Choice for Best CBD/Hemp Store two years running.

Finalist: 2020 Best of the Triangle Indy Week

2020 Best of the Triangle

Carolina Hemp Hut became the sole finalist in the 2020 Voting for Best in Triangle as the little hemp shop that could... Best New Business in Orange/Chatham Counties!

Best of Chapel Hill Magazine selects Carolina Hemp Hut as best recipient

2020 Best of Chapel Hill

Carolina Hemp Hut - Hillsborough has won the title of "Best New Business". The Hut has become a favorite for Orange County cannabis.

Carolina Hemp Hut has been a part of the Triangle hemp and mushroom market since 2017

Always tops in customer searches for Best "CBD stores near me" or "Delta 8 Cookies near me" for a reason. We Help with Hemp products!

Discover more about Hemp Health!

Carolina Hemp Hut, Hemp Products, Hillsborough, NC


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