Cannabis: What’s the Difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

What's the Difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

We get a lot of confused people visiting our stores. We do our best to educate everyone so they are better prepared to navigate the increasingly complex world of cannabis related products. We do this for sake of helping others stay in the legal area instead of the illicit trade plus we truly care about […]

I Enjoy their CBD and Customer Service is Great

No need to panic! Since we are following safety protocols to limit exposure to cannabis products for minors, you can view this review fully in YouTube. Just click “Watch on YouTube” below. Be sure to Subscribe to Carolina Hemp Hut in YouTube too! 

Carolina Hemp Hut Selected as Best of Chapel Hill 2020

Best of Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill Magazine

In a recent survey, readers of the oft-cited Chapel Hill Magazine declared their love for Carolina Hemp Hut (Hillsborough) as the Best New Business. The entire team at the Carolina Hemp Hut store is excited that their hard work is being recognized by members of the community and among fellow retailers. “The Hemp space is […]

Does CBD and Hemp Help Fight off COVID19?

Hemp is being considered in many ways as a possible treatment for things such as COVID19, inflammatory diseases and auto-immune diseases.

People are asking, “What can be done about COVID?” Researchers are pushing hard to find out what can be done to boost immunity and fight the disease. Moreover, many people are speculating as to the effectiveness of products containing CBD or hemp oil extract and COVID19 mitigation. Scientists working for Pathway Rx have published research […]

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

What is Hemp Seed Oil

In our earlier article on Hemp Oil, we examined its source and its commonly attributed benefits. We considered it’d be very helpful to present the most commonly asked questions with regard to Hemp Oil and its cousin, Hemp Oil Extract (including CBD).

Top Notch Product Education and Service

Our Focus is on Education We provide some of the fastest shipping in the industry. We even ship faster than most of our suppliers. We can do this because we’ve taken the time to automate the systems that are needed. When it comes to pushing paper, the systems do the work so we are more […]