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Carolina Hemp Hut – Hillsborough

Hillsborough flagship store main right

Carolina Hemp Hut Hillsborough headquarters (and flagship) store for Carolina Hemp Hut is located in Hillsborough, NC in the Hillsborough Commons Shopping Center. This is the only dispensary in Hillsborough, NC.

This store opened in May, 2019 after the team had a successful store operating at the Streets at Southpoint Mall in Durham. All sales and administrative operations originate from this Hillsborough location.

You can reach the team at the Carolina Hemp Hut – Hillsborough flagship store at our main number 855-HEMP-OIL (855-436-7645) or direct at 743-205-2112

We love helping people. If you enjoy specific products in cannabis/hemp, it’s good to come in and discuss your interests with us. We help!

Since Carolina Hemp Hut is a small business, Latina-owned and Latino-operated, we understand day to day hassles that come with running an enterprise which is dedicated to customer safety and satisfaction.

We keep this in mind as we are planning to stick around. We want all of our customers to discover better things with us and come back again. We’re not at all like the “Eagle CBD Gummies” or some other flash in the pan illegal/scam program for CBD or anything else similar.

How we are different: We’ve been in business with the same website for all the years we’ve been open. People often see press releases from scammers which reveal the next big thing in CBD Gummies and describe how they cure everything and are supported by Shark Tank and the attractive doctor in the photo on the web site. But, these sites aren’t for stores. They’re for scammers.

Carolina Hemp Hut is actually stores in North Carolina. You can call us (try calling other website “stores”). You can visit us too (we hope you do)!

Featured services:

Hemp Product education

Nutrition services

Cannabinoid Selection

GPS location:

137 Mayo Street
Hillsborough, NC 2778

Carolina Hemp Hut – Hillsborough

The Night View of the Carolina Hemp Hut – Hillsborough signage.
One-time controversial, now a local landmark for the community

The entire team at the Carolina Hemp Hut provides exceptional services to customers with regards to Hemp product education and guidance. Customers are never steered toward more expensive items. All aspects of products are described to help the customers each make intelligent choices with every hemp product offered. Whether you’re on a budget or have a specific need for hemp, the team at the Carolina Hemp Hut – Hillsborough store is prepared to assist you find the perfect match.

The team provides nationwide service for legal hemp products. Quick shipping coupled with high quality customer service lead to exceptional reviews by our customers. We also excel in “making things right” whenever any incident occurs which results in a less-than-perfect customer experience. Our goal is truly to help everyone who interacts with us. We want YOU to have better health.

Mary Lopez Carter Founder of Carolina Hemp Hut and Chief Gratitude Officer
Mary Lopez Carter, Founder of Carolina Hemp Hut and Chief Gratitude Officer

The Hillsborough Hemp Hut team also has trained staff to assist in hemp health directions to help improve overall health.

The team at the Carolina Hemp Hut – Hillsborough store also helps the largest volume of hemp flower sales at our stores. When people search “where can i buy hemp flower near me” or similar, they often get stores who do not offer a large selection of hemp flower and do not offer the bulk pricing options we do.

We have insane amount of Carolina Hemp products and offer these through our distribution partners throughout the USA. Be sure to tell your family and friends in other States about Carolina Hemp Hut.

We are the “Dispensary Near me” for you!

If you are anywhere near one of our stores, search for Dispensary near me and we should pop to the top of the list. Our reputation as a full-service shop has people providing stellar Google, Yelp, NextDoor, and other reviews and recommendations.

We have the biggest hemp store in Chapel Hill. Well, sorta speaking… We are located very close to Chapel Hill from both the Hillsborough and Durham locations. We are the best location for quality THC in Hillsborough.

Being close to Chapel Hill from both of our hemp stores makes us convenient for Chapel Hill and Carrboro shoppers to discover us. Plus, we don’t have the super high prices that the stores in Chapel Hill and Carrboro have to charge to keep their doors open (their rent is way high in that area). This is why we are able to offer hemp store Chapel Hill products and more and save with Hemp Store Hillsborough overhead. We pass the savings along to you, our awesome cannabis consumer! Go ahead and make plans to visit the hemp store doctors recommend.

Keep in mind also that we are not a far drive from Raleigh. This means if you like CBD Stores in Raleigh, you will love the biggest CBD stores in NC – just down the road in the Triangle.

Most Recommended and a Neighborhood Favorite on

Carolina Hemp Hut – Hillsborough is the largest and highest volume dispensary in Hillsbought by far. Additionally, nearby neighborhoods and communities have voted/selected this location as the Best of, Most recommended, and Favorite on, local newspapers, and local business groups.

Special Shout out to the customers in the Waterstone, Churton Grove, and Beckett’s Ridge communities who continue to rank us #1 in polls and surveys.

We are driven to do more for our communities and the friends, neighbors, and customers in these communities continue to show their appreciation for what we do.

Hemp Hut Cannabis Store in Litchfield, MN?

Also, we get a lot of traffic via the web for people searching for Cannabis Store in Litchfield MN also named Hemp Hut. We assure you, we are not that Hemp Hut store. We are much larger, carry more products and ship all about the USA. Yep, we are different.

You may find better product selection in our site as compared to any other similarly named Hemp Hut stores. Plus, we ship to you!

Visit the dispensary in Hillsborough for the best opportunities for new strain education and terpene matching.

What Products are the Carolina Hemp Hut – Hillsbrough’s most popular?

The audiences and preferences in the different Carolina Hemp Hut locations vary. The local shoppers who are looking to buy hemp products from us have distinct preferences.

From time to time, we may change this list as preferences change.

Community Dispensary Favorites (December 2022)

  • #1 – Your 420 Headquarters Happy Hour Delta 9 Gourmet Syrups (4 flavors)
  • #2 – D8-Hi Delta 8 Vegan Cookies (3 flavors)
  • #3 – Your 420 Headquarters Delta 8 Pre-Roll Two Packs (Multiple Strains)
  • #4 – Live Rosin Delta 9 THC Saltwater Taffy (Multiple flavors)
  • #5 – One Source Botanicals Good Night Gummies (regular strength and extra)

Community Dispensary Favorites (May 2023)

  1. THCa Flower from Your 420 HQ and others
  2. THCa Prerolls from Your 420 HQ and others
  3. Premium Select THCa flower from Your 420 HQ
  4. Live Resin THCa+ Cartridges (510) from Crush Cannabis
  5. Your 420 HQ Chill Chews classic edition
Carolina Hemp Hut - Hillsborough is proud long-time member of the Hillsborough/Orange County Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to Carolina Hemp Hut! The Carolina leader in All Things Hemp.

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