Let’s Talk about Cannabis: SB711 (NC)

This year has been an interesting year so far. Cannabis stores such as the Carolina Hemp Hut have been seeing more customers return as the population feels more adventurous and safer to visit more retail destinations. People who have faced months of heightened anxiety have also had a moment to discover more of what CBD […]

The Budding Rise of Hemp Flower: The Basics

Ways you can enjoy hemp flower

The basics of hemp flower: Smoking, Vaping, and Eating hemp are all useful ways to enjoy better health options with naturally occurring cannabinoids available with hemp flower.

Delta-8: Is it Helpful for your Health?

Delta 8 Hemp for Health

We hear more about cannabinoids such as Delta-8 THC and many people are curious. The Team at the Carolina Hemp Hut stores takes the time to break down what Delta-8 is and what it may do for you and your health.

Top Notch Product Education and Service

Our Focus is on Education We provide some of the fastest shipping in the industry. We even ship faster than most of our suppliers. We can do this because we’ve taken the time to automate the systems that are needed. When it comes to pushing paper, the systems do the work so we are more […]