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Hemp Health is available for your skin too!

Topical products made with hemp for healthy skin, beauty and relief of discomfort

Hemp beauty products from Carolina Hemp Hut are designed to help the body heal. One of the great by-products of healing is looking better AND feeling better.

Right now, is your skin dry? Do you have irritation on your skin, anywhere? Would you like a natural way to ease the discomfort associated with rashes, inflammation and similar? Have you thought of trying hemp?
As you bathe, your body is stripped of key moisture. For most, this isn't too much of a problem. But for some, it means it's time to re-moisturize. Don't cover your body with man-made lotions and salves made with ingredients you cannot pronounce or worse yet, have been shown to induce cancer. Instead, use natural hemp and hemp oil extract products as hemp beauty products.


As you may know, hemp products come in various forms. Some products for beauty and healthy skin typically will contain Hemp Seed oil. Hemp Seed oil is very good at lowering inflammation and easing skin conditions which we may face. Additionally, hemp seed oil is an excellent moisturizer. This is why it’s being “discovered” for use in so many hemp beauty products.

Products containing Hemp Oil Extract have the added benefit of boosting the bodies response to inflammation, causing a noticeable reduction of discomfort from many skin conditions including rashes, irritation, and pain.

When it comes to Hemp (and CBD) for Skin Care, we’re able to provide our customers reliable and affordable products. We do this because we don’t sell items which we wouldn’t use ourselves.


Yes, when you feel better you look better. This is because you smile more and have a better disposition. Improve your health with hemp beauty products made from hemp seed oil and hemp oil extracts to boost your beauty – Naturally!

Products containing more natural ingredients and less man-made ingredients (just look for the long chemical names on the label) show wonderful results with most people in improving your body’s largest organ, your skin. Whether you would like to have more kissable lips or softer skin, hemp products can be used effectively to boost your body’s response to dryness and irritation. Similarly, your skin is subjected to inflammation producing events constantly. Products with Hemp Oil extract loaded with cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol show great results in testing for reducing discomfort from irritation AND pain. The team at the Carolina Hemp Hut has products containing both of these wonderful cannabinoids and limits their Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol to under the legal State limit as required.

discomfort from knee pain
CBD for Arthritis Care
Use cbd for back pain
CBD for foot pain and dry heels


One of our major concerns we hear from customers regards pain. If you think about it, pretty much everyone has some pain somewhere. Pain typically is an indicator of inflammation. 

Conveniently, we have many natural methods to treat inflammation and pain. For example, it’s well known that arnica relieves the intensity of pain. 

There are other natural products which work well to address the discomfort of pain also. As mentioned before, cannabinoids have shown amazing results in helping people with pain from a natural approach. Botanical products such as Hemp Oil Extract can be used to lessen the discomfort of pain that is readily available through the skin. For example, sore muscles after a work out, ankle, back or knee pain, and joint pain in your fingers from arthritis.

With the aid of a natural product, you can ease the discomfort without harsh medical products with crazy side effects. Plus, topicals such as lotions, salves and creams are available without THC and in Full Spectrum from Carolina Hemp Hut.


Yes Carolina Hemp Hut has promo codes to help you save money

We often recommend that you stick with a product that works. But, if that product is very expensive, it’s a good idea to try a few other brands that may be less expensive so you can get the best “bang for the buck”. You can always circle back to the product that you know works – once you’ve found it.

We carry inexpensive hemp oil extract products and premium. Both work well for most people – depending on the way and targeted use for the hemp oil extract is. It also depends on the dosing. Keep in mind that dosing for most hemp oil extract products is typically in Milligrams. This could be milligrams (mg) of Extract or milligrams of one component such as CBG (Cannabigerol) or CBD (Cannabidiol) or perhaps another cannabinoid altogether. 

The packaging should be clear and reveal which cannabinoid or which group of cannabinoids is present in the product. With topical products, hemp seed oil works a bit like hemp oil extract, but it’s less expensive and addresses fewer discomforts.


The Carolina Hemp Hut main store is located only a short drive from the majority of the Triangle. The other stores are found here.

The team offers frequent FREE classes to help people learn more about the differences between Hemp Oil and Hemp Oil Extracts in addition to helping guiding people to save money when looking for healthful options from nature. If you cannot visit any of the stores, just give the consultants a call. The toll free number is 855-HEMP-OIL (855-436-7645) and a human (not a machine) will help you during business hours (how fun is that!?) so you don’t get a frustrating run around.

Don’t settle for Gas Station hemp oil. Talk with the local experts today and learn how simply Nature may help you!

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