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Are you confused as to what Hemp Oil is vs what Hemp Oil Extract is?


Let’s get something clear first, when you’re taking a drug prescribed by a doctor, it’s going to be manufactured and it WILL have synthetic materials in it. It’s not a natural product. This doesn’t make it bad, necessarily, but it’s still not going to every be “organic” or a natural product. Botanical products such as Hemp Oil, Hemp Oil Extracts and the like are indeed Natural Products. When you seek to buy Hemp Oil, know it has several forms.


Hemp itself grows as a fairly tall plant. Depending on the strain or cultivar of hemp, it can be very tall and fibrous and some are short and stocky. The hemp that is used for producing products like hemp oil extract and seeds are almost always very low in the psychoactive compound delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. This is what makes most hemp products produced today legal under the US Farm Bill. 

Hemp products sold today take all forms since hemp is such a versatile agricultural product. The most typical products include Lotions, Foods (such as hemp fiber, hemp protein, hemp seeds and hemp oils), and Hemp Oil Extracts. If you’re looking to buy hemp oil, do your research.

“We know that many people are confused about what hemp really is. A lot of this is due to misinformation from the media and secondhand information. That’s why we work to teach more people about the cannabis plant (hemp).”


Some people mention hemp as a Miracle Cure. Yes, there are websites purposely declaring hemp as a miracle drug. It’s not. In fact, hemp cannot be declared as a drug at all except the for the Hemp derived CBD product for epilepsy called Epidiolex. This was developed to help people with certain forms of epilepsy after natural hemp oil extract products were shown to effectively stop epileptic seizures. Now, pharmaceutical companies are jumping on the bandwagon to come up with their own patented uses of hemp oil extracts. They’re clearing a path for Government acceptance for people to buy Hemp Oil Extract products.

Regular hemp oil extract products are not controlled by the FDA’s approval processes since they are still natural products. Research has been showing more uses for the various strengths of natural cannabinoids found in the extract of the hemp plant (from the aerial parts).


First, Hemp Oil comes from Hemp Seeds (pictured above). Hemp Oil is a wonderful natural oil which has many positive impacts on the body. Some of these benefits are skin health, antibacterial and more. Plus, similar to Hemp Oil Extract, Hemp Oil has some impact on inflammation and other conditions in body. If you’re considering a natural oil for salads or light cooking, then consider Hemp Seed Oil instead of Soybean oil, Corn oil, or Safflower oil.


Hemp Oil Extract is the extracted oils and other compounds from the Hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa, typically). It’s not extracted from the Hemp Seed, but rather the rest of the plant, mostly the aerial parts: Buds/Flowers and Leaves. Some extractors also extract from the stems, but this isn’t extremely common. When an extractor uses hemp oil extract from the Whole Plant (stems, leaves, and flowers) it’s often called “Whole Plant Extract”. There are several premium brands of hemp oil extract products which use the whole plant. Keep in mind, this is NOT from the hemp seed, so it’s not hemp seed oil.


The Team at the Carolina Hemp Hut makes it a practice to be completely open and honest about Hemp products. We’ll tell you when we’re not a fan of a product and why – even if we carry it. We’ll also tell you which products show more impact with customers than others. Every product we carry is also triple-checked so we’re sure they have a certificate of analysis and we have third party testing. Plus, we send out batches for testing at a separate lab – just in case. We’re thorough because we learned that some Hemp Oil Extract companies will cut corners. We refuse to keep a product in our stock when the manufacturer “cheats”. We love honesty. So should you!

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We often recommend that you stick with a product that works. But, if that product is very expensive, it’s a good idea to try a few other brands that may be less expensive so you can get the best “bang for the buck”. You can always circle back to the product that you know works – once you’ve found it.

We carry inexpensive hemp oil extract products and premium. Both work well for most people – depending on the way and targeted use for the hemp oil extract is. It also depends on the dosing. Keep in mind that dosing for most hemp oil extract products is typically in Milligrams. This could be milligrams (mg) of Extract or milligrams of one component such as CBG (Cannabigerol) or CBD (Cannabidiol) or perhaps another cannabinoid altogether. The packaging should be clear and reveal which cannabinoid or which group of cannabinoids is present in the product. Be careful and verify that the product AT LEAST is Hemp Oil Extract and not plain Hemp Oil when you make your purchase if you’re looking for cannabinoids and not just a wonderfully healthy salad oil.


The Carolina Hemp Hut main store is located only a short drive from the majority of the Triangle. The other stores are found here.

The team offers frequent FREE classes to help people learn more about the differences between Hemp Oil and Hemp Oil Extracts in addition to helping guiding people to save money when looking for healthful options from nature. If you cannot visit any of the stores, just give the consultants a call. The toll free number is 855-HEMP-OIL (855-436-7645) and a human (not a machine) will help you during business hours (how fun is that!?) so you don’t get a frustrating run around.

Don’t settle for Gas Station hemp oil. Talk with the local experts today and learn how simply Nature may help you!

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