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We love products from natural sources such as Hemp/cannabis and mushrooms. We offer gelcaps, pills, and capsules with herbal/botanical compounds to support better outcomes. Live healthier!

CBD Gel Caps

Understanding Better Botanicals

Mother Nature offers us many ways to boost our lives. Most of our needs nutritionally would be met if we all simply followed more natural nutritional pathways. Instead, we eat processed foods and neglect proper nutrition. 

To help combat the perils from our lifestyle choices, natural compounds from Mushrooms, Cannabis, and other herbal/botanical sources are available from our relationship with Sana Health and others.

We offer easy to dose products featuring botanical ingredients from reputable sources and consistently ensure that all products are lab-tested and designed for conventional dosing.

We also provide affiliate products which we have tested and used with our own teams and stand by the quality and performance of those product.

Hemp and Mushroom-Based boosters provide a simple way to enjoy natural Cannabinoids and mushrooms

It’s easier and often less expensive to take a capsule of Turkey Tail or CBD Full Spectrum than to eat a couple of gummies. Yes, the Gummies are very tasty and fun for most people. But, most have sugar. 

To enjoy the natural boost of organic compunds found in Mother Nature’s apothecary, you could always supplement your normal diet. 

Products such as Turkey Tail and Cordyceps have been shown to provide improvement in key areas within clinical trials. Aside from that, these mushrooms offer nutritional impacts typically far better than what you will find with a chocolate bar or even gummies.


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