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Exodus Zooted Series 2G Cartridges


Unlock the full potential of vaping with Exodus Zooted Series 2G Cartridges. Featuring a blend of THCA, THCP, Delta 6-THC, HXY 10-THC, THCB, and Loud Resin across five unique strains. Indulge in the excellence of USA-grown hemp-derived cannabinoids. Shop now for a transformative vaping experience!

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The Exodus Zooted Series 2G Cartridges redefine your vaping experience by offering a superior blend of cannabinoids and terpenes packed into a high-capacity 2-gram cartridge. This unique collection is designed for discerning users who demand quality, variety, and a potent impact from their vape products.

Unrivaled Blend of Cannabinoids: Each cartridge in the Exodus Zooted Series is infused with a proprietary blend that includes THCA, THCP, Delta 6-THC, HXY 10-THC, THCB, and Loud Resin. This carefully curated combination ensures that each puff delivers a balanced and deeply satisfying experience. THCA offers the raw potency that, when heated, transforms into THC, delivering powerful effects. THCP is known for its intense interaction with the cannabinoid receptors, enhancing the overall efficacy. Delta 6-THC provides a unique twist on the classic THC effects, offering a smoother, more manageable high. HXY 10-THC, a novel cannabinoid, intensifies the experience, ensuring that every hit is potent and memorable. THCB, another emerging cannabinoid, complements the blend by potentially enhancing the psychoactive experience, while Loud Resin guarantees a rich flavor profile and aroma.

Strain Variety: The Exodus Zooted Series includes an assortment of strains, each chosen for their unique characteristics and effects:

  • Berry Gelato (Hybrid): Perfect for those seeking a balanced effect; it combines fruity sweetness with profound relaxation.
  • Blueberry Wreck (Indica): Ideal for evenings, this strain calms and soothes, enveloping users in a blanket of peace.
  • Lime Sherbet (Sativa): Energizes and sparks creativity, making it an excellent choice for daytime use.
  • Georgia Pie (Hybrid): A delightful mix that offers a taste of sweet, earthy notes with balanced effects. (COA)
  • Rainbow Runtz (Hybrid): Known for its vibrant flavor and uplifting effects, it’s perfect for social settings or boosting your mood.

Experience and Usage: These 2-gram cartridges are compatible with most 510-thread batteries, making them versatile and easy to use. They are ideal for both novice and experienced users who appreciate a high-quality vaping session. Whether you are looking to relax, energize, or find a happy medium, there’s a strain in this series to meet your needs.

Quality and Compliance: Proudly crafted in the USA, the Exodus Zooted Series cartridges comply with the 2018 Farm Bill, ensuring that all products are legal and contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Each batch is rigorously tested to maintain high standards of purity and potency.

Packaging and Sustainability: The cartridges are not only designed for user convenience but also come in environmentally friendly packaging that underscores Exodus’s commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption.

In summary, the Exodus Zooted Series 2G Cartridges offer an exceptional vaping experience, combining innovation in cannabinoid blends with premium strain selection and sustainable practices. Dive into a new dimension of vaping with a product designed to satisfy the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs.


Berry Gelato

Blueberry Wreck

Lime Sherbet

Georgia Pie

Rainbow Runtz

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Berry Gelato – Hybrid, Blueberry Wreck – Indica, Lime Sherbet – Sativa, Georgia Pie – Hybrid, Rainbow Runtz – Hybrid


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