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Join us to celebrate Better Health for you and your family with
Cannabis (Hemp)!

Carolina Hemp Hut wants to help you by giving to you!

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People who believe in better health through natural products can make better lives for themselves and OTHERS easily.

Mary Lopez Carter (Founder)

Jump for Joy for Hemp Dispensary
Who is Mary Lopez Carter? Founder of Carolina Hemp Hut
Mary Lopez Carter, founder
and cancer-fighting husband, David

You are reading this since you either found this information by searching the web or someone gave you information to be here. This is absolutely fantastic for you!

You see, I know that the economy makes things tough. Prices are higher than they should be. Making ends meet just plain sucks. I feel your pain.
I’m a cancer fighter (I still have a recurring and rare form of brain cancer) and I realized a few years ago that my health is more important than making money. So I embedded myself into learning more about better health and SURVIVAL. What I learned was amazing.
In fact, most of us are doing things on a daily basis to destroy our health and the physicians who are supposed to help us – DON’T help us! Most doctors offer a prescription or a procedure when many of our most dire illnesses can be lessened or stopped by changing our habits.
Before you read further, I want to be completely transparent with you: I want to show you away you can make money without much work. Making that money involves LEGAL cannabis products. So, you can consider this entire page to be an advertisement to see if you would like to have earnings while helping others heal.

My wife, Mary Lopez Carter, created the Carolina Hemp Hut to give me, family and friends, and customers a natural path to improving our lives. With me, for example, Mary wanted to find a natural product without a bunch of questionable side effects which would help me boost my whole-body health and immune system health so I could fight cancer better. 

The cannabis products we now sell are all crafted to help improve lives and health outcomes with fewer or no prescription drugs.
I’m not one to preach unless you ask me questions. I invite you to build a better habit for 
yourself simply by helping others
You can build a habit of helping others and easily help yourself in the process. All you need to do is share access to our wonderful program with a QR code or a promo code.
Your friends, customers, family and neighbors will LOVE saving money with any purchase over $50 at the Carolina Hemp Hut. When you sign up and are accepted, the coupon code is your EXCLUSIVE promo code (it’s also in the QR code). This means when a person you refer uses that code or scans the QR code and places an order at Carolina Hemp Hut over $50 you get paid! You get paid while the person who uses the promo code gets FREE SHIPPING every time they use that code.
You get a monthly check every time you accrue over $50 in commissions. Accruing is super easy too. When a customer orders $200 in product, you get $20 in commission. When a customer orders $100 in product, you get $10 in commission. If you get just a few customers to order, you can get $50 mailed or Venmo transferred to you each month!
What would you do with extra money that you didn’t have to work for? With today’s gas prices, we know that many people will be filling their tanks. But you can save the commissions and take yourself out for a great dinner, enjoy a show, show a family member how much you love them, and so much more.
The important thing is this is all FREE to you to do. You don’t have to sign up for a special Multi Level Marketing program. Frankly, I think those programs are just get rich schemes for a few people to exploit others. I would never want to do that. In fact, with all of those, you have to “buy in” to the program buy purchasing their products for yourself first. Who wants to do that, especially when you know that their products are so expensive at the start.

With us, you don’t have to go out of your way to tell people about our cannabis products. You can simply print out the QR code and put it on a surface where people will see it. You can use the QR code in emails to friends. You can do the same with the Promo code. Just talking to people on the phone and discovering that they have aches and pains or anxiety or sleep issues can lead you to opportunities to say “Hey, would you like to get Free Shipping with an order for some therapeutic cannabis products from a trusted source?” 
When you provide the access, many people will visit and purchase. This leads directly to you getting money in your hands without you having to do anything special at all.
We’ve called the people who share the love “Health Evangelists” because they are spreading the good word about botanical and natural health options.

If you enjoy helping others and would like to learn more ways you can up your game, just get in touch with us so we can give you a quick lesson on how you can (still for free!) really help a lot of people while boosting your own life more than you expected.

Think about this, you plus many of your friends and family have aches and pains or other discomforts. Natural medicine in the form of Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), plus Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and more than 100 OTHER cannabinoids available in the Hemp (and other Cannabis) plants have been shown in so many ways to reduce discomfort associated with illness, disease, aging and more.
We know that many people have heard from others “cannabis is the devil’s lettuce” or similar. This is not even close to the truth. Of course, any abuse of any product is bad and we never would recommend that. We do KNOW that cannabis helps improve health outcomes. I am a living testament to this fact now! I go through every day almost pain free thanks to cannabis and I don’t have to be “high” to get rid of that pain.
I chose to not take the path my doctors gave me for Chemotherapy and chose natural cures instead. This means instead of the 1-5% chance of improving my health the doctors told me I would have with the Chemo, I chose natural. I went in this direction because I asked a very important question: “What are the IMMEDIATE and LONG TERM effects of taking the Chemo route?”
The information I received made me shake my head BIG TIME. No way I was going to allow my thyroid to be destroyed in HOPE of me getting rid of my Cancer. Hope is not a strategy. It is what you do as you take action to improve what is needed to be improved!
I will never tell you to ignore the advice of your doctors or family. I know that everyone typically means well when they give you advice. But you can trust BUT verify everything you hear. This simple method helped me to live longer and now I am the longest living person in the USA with this particular type of cancer.
I want people to learn to help others. When they do this, everyone is better off. If you can help others simply by introducing them to the Carolina Hemp Hut story and the products, you can find success too. Who knows? You may even learn ways to boost your own health outcomes with our products!
Oh, the Carolina Hemp Hut stores sell more than simple Cannabis related products. We also offer in-store sales of natural supplements such as Ashwagandha, Maca, and Turmeric among others. We’re a one-stop shop for healthy living!
As I mentioned before, your promo code when you are approved for the program.  You also will get a graphic which is your QR Code. You can use this promo code on emails and more. You can keep the QR code on your phone and let people scan it with their phone as you are having conversation with them. It’s so easy to share the love!
I’m dedicated to helping others find a better way to improve their health. Are you interested in helping others too? Let me know.

David Carter

Mgr. Strategic Ops and Marketing

855-HEMP-OIL (ext 102)

P.S. If you decide to take the chance on offering hemp products to others, great. You won’t have to worry about figuring out ways to let people know. 

We will provide a great guide to sharing the Love of Hemp and Health program with others so they can also enjoy better living. This guide will walk you through easy ways to get your information in front of other people so you can earn while they heal. And again, you don’t have to buy anything at all!


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