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Jake Weaver, the host of Midnight on Earth - Podcast, discusses improving life with cancer diagnosis by using cannabis and food.

Midnight on Earth Podcast with Jake Weaver

Jake Weaver, the host of Midnight on Earth, discusses strategies used to slow the growth of a dangerous form of Brain Cancer afflicting today's guest, David Carter. He is accompanied by his wife, Mary Lopez Carter, the founder of the Carolina Hemp Hut cannabis dispensaries in North Carolina.

Table of Contents

The Healing Power of CBD with an Anti-Cancer Diet

On September 29, 2023 Mary Lopez Carter, the founder of Carolina Hemp Hut stores, and Dave Carter, her cancer-battling husband sat down with esteemed podcast host, Jake Weaver, for a discussion on cuisine and cannabis used to fight cancer.

Discover the inspiring journey of Mary Lopez Carter, the visionary founder behind Carolina Hemp Hut. From a deeply personal mission to overcome adversity through holistic well-being, Mary has paved a path toward better health and community empowerment. At Carolina Hemp Hut, it is more than just a leading hemp dispensary in North Carolina; they are your trusted partner in exploring premium, legal cannabis products derived from hemp.

Within the podcast, you meet Mary Lopez Carter, the warm, compassionate, and driven visionary behind Carolina Hemp Hut. With a genuine desire to uplift lives and an unwavering commitment to well-being, Mary’s journey as the founder of Carolina Hemp Hut is a testament to her dedication to health and community.

Mary’s passion for people and their well-being serves as the heartbeat of Carolina Hemp Hut. Her mission is to make a difference, positively impacting lives and paving the way for a healthier and higher quality of life for all. Rooted in service and driven by compassion, Mary’s story is an inspiring narrative of hope and healing.

Mary’s connection to Carolina Hemp Hut has its roots in a deeply personal place. This connection emerged from her heartfelt desire to help her husband overcome cancer, a powerful catalyst for her journey. Certainly, faced with adversity, she embarked on a path that artfully blended traditional and natural healing approaches. As a result, creating a unique fusion of Western and holistic methods that truly speak to her multifaceted approach to well-being.


Mary and Dave Carter discuss his drastically changed diet to stem the growth of the cancer within his brain. This attempt is an ongoing project to keep the cancer from reaching a stage where surgery is needed or worse. Many people like David are using Cannabis and a change in Diet (Lifestyle changes) to slow the growth of disease.