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Top Notch Product Education and Service

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Our Focus is on Education

We provide some of the fastest shipping in the industry. We even ship faster than most of our suppliers. We can do this because we’ve taken the time to automate the systems that are needed. When it comes to pushing paper, the systems do the work so we are more efficient. This gives us far more time to help our customers – first hand.

We work with each customer and listen to their stories. Each person is different. We will provided recommendations for things such as “stay away from sugars” and “consider dropping 90% of your fast food meals each week” to help people amend their habits to bring about the health changes they need. Of course, product recommendations where applicable are provided.

Each consultant on staff spends many hours learning the nuances of cannabinoid products to help each provide a full picture. CBD for pain is one of the largest solutions sought in our stores. Another is CBD for Anxiety. We follow FDA guidelines and never say CBD will Cure cancer or any other disease. We simply point people to resources for their own research and explain how CBD does work within the endocannabinoid system of humans. We have faith that enterprising consumers will actually do a bit more research and determine for themselves the best course of action.

CBD Products shipped to You

We’re not only convenient if you live near one of our stores, but we are convenient online as well. Since you’re here, reading this page, we know you’re curious about CBD and Hemp Oil Extract products. Feel free to call us right now at our toll free number (855-HEMP-OIL) and speak with one of our trusted CBD advisers. If you’re ready to place your order, you can do it during the call or simply examine the available products on this e-commerce site. When you place your order, we ship all in stock items on the same day for orders received prior to 3pm. If the items is due for restocking, we send notification to you and let you know whether the item will be stocked quickly.

Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham

Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham

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Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham
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