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Hemp Super Sale

Your chance to save more with hemp-derived cannabinoids

We are nearing completion of fantastic arrangements for a program to help everyone in our communities.

We realize that nearly everyone is having to cut back in some areas of their budget to make ends meet better.

We want to help you make a difference in your health WHILE you save money.

Since our dispensary offers a tremendous selection of lab-tested, GMP certified hemp health products for non-recreational effects, we have a large pool of Medical Professionals who refer or recommend their patients and clients to the Carolina Hemp Hut. Our team is prepared and trained to assist by providing coordinated information on products and recommended therapies from medical professionals.

An Example: If your doctor  agrees that you should take CBD, our seasoned Cannabis Consultants would be able to suggest quite a few of the available healing-oriented One Source Botanicals and other brands. When we make this Doctor-referred product recommendation, there is an automatic discount on that product of 20%.

This has helped many people save as they work within their budgets while still dosing with Doctor-approved phytocannabinoids from the Carolina Hemp Hut.

Save in a big way right now!

Buy One of These...

Be sure to use Coupon Code FEBS3 (that’s FEBS with a three) with this purchase to maximize your savings.

How to Maximize your Hemp Health savings at the Carolina Hemp Hut stores

Beginning March 1, 2023, we are increasing the discount on all “TG” products from our hemp health preferred product groups. This means every one of these products will be in-store discounted at 40% off regular price.

The best savings is revealed when your medical professional “calls in” your preferred products to our human-staffed (not AI) Phone Orders line (855-HEMP-OIL) during business hours. When your doctor, chiropractor, or similar medical professional provides the direction for your care, you will save 50% off the regular retail price.

If you are outside of our local delivery area, you can still qualify for this tremendous savings for people with desire for more of healing impacts with cannabis than recreational. Just give us a call in these cases. We can set up an savings program for you with just a few pieces of information and you will be saving too!

Come Visit in Hillsborough

Visit our Flagship location in Hillsborough, NC.

Location was the first Dispensary of its type in Orange County, NC. Additionally, it quickly became the largest in not only Orange County, but the State.

We are dedicated to helping our customers learn more about alternative ways to plot a more natural path through life.

137 Mayo Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278

855-HEMP-OIL / 855-436-7645

4600 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd., Suite 21, Durham, NC 27707

855-HEMP-OIL / 855-436-7645

Come Visit in Durham!

Visit our Super Dispensary in Durham, NC.

Our Durham location is the new location for our Durham dispensary. This location is far larger than our first dedicate hemp store at the Streets at Southpoint Mall.

We are dedicated to helping our customers learn more about alternative ways to plot a more natural path through life.