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New Year Super Sale

We have sales, and we have Hemp Super Sales. You are going to love the prices and the premium products featured in this year’s Super Sale. Our Hemp-Derived products deals are nearly impossible to beat. Maybe that’s why this is called a Hemp Super Sale.


Carolina Hemp Hut stores already have earned the reputation of having the largest edibles inventory for a dispensary in the State of North Carolina.


While many stores can offer a selection of a few strains of quality hemp flower/bud, Carolina Hemp Hut exceeds all expectations with sale prices on more than 2 DOZEN strains.


From a health perspective, fans of hemp/cannabis know that tinctures or drops of various extracts hit the spot faster than edibles and capsules. Fans can take advantage of amazing pricing during this Super Sale at Carolina Hemp Hut.


People "in the know" appreciate the benefits of concentrates. Whether it's for use in edible recipes or vaporizing, Carolina Hemp Hut has a tremendous variety on sale during this Super Sale.

Nearly the Entire Hemp Store is HALF OFF​ !


When the Countdown ends, so do the savings. 

We want our customers to start out their New Year with a blessing of better health. 

We know that so many of our customers and friends set their own “resolutions” each year and try hard to succeed, but so often fall short. We want to break that chain.

At the Carolina Hemp Hut, we believe in helping people help to improve their lives in many ways. We help our customers with information on better lifestyle choices which results in improved health. We offer clean, more natural products to help people. 

Whether you are thinking of our products for better sleep, less inflammation, better concentration, less anxiety, better memory, healthier endocannabinoid system (ECS), or simply like the benefits you have experienced yourself with hemp-derived or mushroom-derived products, we want to help you on your discovery and path. 

We hope that you consider trying products outside of your normal domain. You never know, you may find a new favorite (or have a product that you need to give to a good friend).

Enjoy the savings while they’re in effect so you can kick off an amazing 2023.

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Visit our Flagship location in Hillsborough, NC.

Location was the first Dispensary of its type in Orange County, NC. Additionally, it quickly became the largest in not only Orange County, but the State.

We are dedicated to helping our customers learn more about alternative ways to plot a more natural path through life.

137 Mayo Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278

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