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Who Shops at Dispensaries like Carolina Hemp Hut?

Working at a legal hemp dispensary in the State of North Carolina has its interesting days. We get all sorts of visitors to our stores in the Triangle area of NC. While many people believe we only serve products to stoners, the truth is quite different. You may ask, “Who shops at Dispensaries like Carolina Hemp Hut?”

Our stores are different from the questionable Vape and Tobacco stores of which many offer hemp products (and in many cases, illegal marijuana products). We are also different from many other hemp oriented stores.

Carolina Hemp Hut stores cater first to the patients sent to us by many local physicians and other medical professionals. In fact, we get more referrals from the medical profession than most would expect.

The biggest reason for this is our team is trained in more medical aspects of hemp and herbal health. The research team also spends time working with local medical doctors to craft educational programs and materials for the health profession. This approach has helped the Carolina Hemp Hut stores to stand head and shoulders above the shadow-lurking stores which offer only recreational products with suspect origins and testing.

Since we do offer cannabis products, many understand that the compounds found within the hemp plant (which is cannabis) are both beneficial for people therapeutically and recreationally. This comic helps cover some of the spectrum of customers and their needs.

Who Shops at Dispensaries like Carolina Hemp Hut?
When visiting us at the Carolina Hemp Hut, it's a good idea to go in with a plan. Let the Budtender or Cannabis Consultant on duty know what you are looking to achieve. They will be sure to give you great info!

Who Shops at Dispensaries like Carolina Hemp Hut? People like you! 

Since you are exploring more about us, we invite you to give us a call and actually talk with a live person who can assist you with the selection of products, offer suggestions for better health, or provide you with trusted referral information for medical professionals in NC who can help. We are on your team!