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We’re happy to offer our branded Carolina Hemp Hut apparel alongside great products from manufacturers of Hemp products across the globe. We work to feature “Local” goods first, whenever possible.

Enjoy Hemp Leaf shirts, 4:20 themed items and other fun articles of clothing and hemp jewelry.

Since COVID hit, our stores have had to do a ‘revamp’ with regard to apparel. Now, we have finally prepared a new line of great apparel items from esteemed manufacturers to underscore our great hemp/mushroom/holistic realm of products.

Cannabis Themed Apparel

We love the products from Puff Shirt. When we invested in these guys, we were a bit unsure as to the following they could build. Since we know that many of our customers do not mind showing off that they love cannabis, we figured things would be “OK”.

It turns out people LOVE showing off their love for cannabis. This has caused the sales of the Puff Shirt products to surprise us.

For those who know that they personally love cannabis and cannabis culture, but they know that a parent, a co-worker or manager, or similar may judge them based on their appreciation for cannabis, we have the Sativa Stealth products.

These products really only pop out to people already in the know when it comes to cannabis. Others will find the t-shirt content or hoodie text to be attractive but not overtly about weed, cannabis, pot, ganja, or similar.