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An Issue of the Exclusive Carolina Hemp Hut Print, "Pot Headz". This cannabis culture series is designed with humor to teach customers and visitors more about hemp, nutrition, herbal medicine and better living.

Cananbis and Sleep – Potheadz 6

What is the magic formula for sleep using cannabis? The formula isn't exact, but here's what folks find when they speak to cannabis experts.

Buddy often interacts with customers as they visit our stores. He is a veritable guru when it comes to understanding cannabis.

Many customers inquire about improving their sleep. In fact, this is a steady holded in the contest for “most questions asked by health concern” we have in our shops. 

Pro Tip: If you want to own a shop or already do, use a tool to track these types of queries from customers. It will actually help you see trends and respond better to your customers.

Since sleep and sleep quality are really combined into a key issue for our customers, we like provide solid information to them so they may make more educated decisions about their health options using cannabis as a “supplement” for health.


Most understand that the hemp flower is the key component of the cannabis sativa l. plant with regard to beneficial compounds for human consumption.

Some key aspects about this:

  • The flowers are rich in nonpsychoactive, yet biologically active cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD)
  • CBD exerts potent anxiolytic, spasmolytic, as well as anticonvulsant effects
  • Hempseed has a pleasant nutty taste and represents a valuable source of essential amino acids and fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and fibers.
  • Hempseed oil is a source of healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids 
  • Hemp sprouts are rich in antioxidants.  

Research AND anecdotal information provides that there are a few, common cannabinoids which may have a factor in helping people find less discomfort from sleep conditions.


We won’t need to go into much detail here since we cover this wonderful phytocannabinoid frequently in other content and our consulting work. CBD which is the shortened form of the word Cannabidiol, is a powerful compound extracted from both hemp and marijuana (both cannabis). 

When it is extracted, its purified form is often called isolate in a powdery form and distillate when in liquid form.

Cannabinol acts as a partner in the health dance with THC, another famously helpful compound from cannabis. THe two compounds often work best when together in the body as compared to the classic “load up on THC” mentatlity of just getting high.

At the Carolina Hemp Hut, we know that there are people who choose to get high or use cannabis for recreation. Currently it is a legal product and we always urge our customers to go low and slow as they enjoy their products. 

We know that too much of a good thing still a bad thing and this goes true for THC and some other compounds.

Since CBD impacts how the receptors send signals through the body, it acts differently from the THC compounds. It tends to calm without any paranoia or high feeling as one may face with THC.


CBN is naturally created by the addition of light and air to your stash of bud. If the bud is already decarbed, it’s going to change the THC into CBN. If it’s not decarbed, the light and air will slowly turn the THCa into CBNa. (Yep, this is called oxidation, in case you were wondering.)

Unlike CBD, CBN does bind with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, but with less activity than THC does. However, it has been shown to Synergistically augment (increase) other cannabinoids present including THC while offering a relaxation effect of its own. More studies on this interaction are still warranted.

Additionally, CBN has been shown to be an efficiant anti-spasmotic and anti-inflammatory agent.

CBN studies with regard to skin health have found a number of characteristics which would make it a good candidate to fight psoriasis and provide better skin regeneration results.

Before you go pouring CBN extract into your next hot toddy, keep in mind that we don’t dispense medical advice here and we always share what we’ve found from reliable sources and don’t want folks thinking we are offering cures or diagnoses for anyone. We’re just providing information to help you make more informed decisions.

Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol

Delta-8 THC is a newcomer to the consumer market and has gained huge popularity and notoriety due to its behavior.

While this compound occurs in very small amounts in the flower of cannabis (no matter whether the cannabis hemp or cannabis marijuana, to be clear), it is often extracted by processing regular CBD along with the a key chemical in vinegar. The overall process is not that simple, but it is a common conversion. Reputable manufacturers follow GMP practices and are certified to ensure that the biochemical recipes are followed safely and accurately.

Delta-8 has gained popularity because it has significant relaxation impact that reminds people of the chemical cousin Delta-9 THC. The compound does not bind as efficienly to the CB1 and CB2 receptors as Delta-9 THC. This may be why it has less of an impact on the possible paranoia, anxiety, and similar typical “pot” symptoms.

Delta-8’s behavior in small doses as relaxation aid and calming influence is desired by many to help ease discomfort from anxiety, insomnia, and other forms of stress. When combined with CBN, it acts more actively than solo.

Cannabis and sleep from Potheadz
When allowing for cannabis to assist in creating quality sleep, always make increases in any dose very small to find optimum delivery. Don't overdo it at first.

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Has cannabis helped you sleep better?Whether you are a fan of edibles or flower, you may have discovered that cannabis products (such as CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 9) have a relationship to your sleep outcomes. We'd like to find out more.