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An Issue of the Exclusive Carolina Hemp Hut Print, "Pot Headz". This cannabis culture series is designed with humor to teach customers and visitors more about hemp, nutrition, herbal medicine and better living.

Potheadz #5: Edibles are Your Friend, Until.

How many times have you thought that the edibles you were eating were tame until they weren't? Have you heard of the expression "low and slow"?

It’s Buddy, your hemp flower bud expressing some key information to keep you happy and healthy.

Potheadz #5: Edibles are Your Friend

You may be “one of these people” who has already had a sesh where you enjoyed a gummy or 10 and found out that it was too much for you to handle.

Althought anything cannabis is far less likely to harm you as contrasted with drugs such as opiods and alcohol, we know that with everything, you need moderation.

To us, it’s a great idea simply to “know your limits” before going nuts on a new products. 

Getting to know your limits means starting with a very small portion of a dose. A dose is what the packaging says is a full serving on your product packaging. 

Let’s say the package is one of Delta 8 Edibles (like the awesome Delta 8 edibles from Your 420 HQ) and each Dose shows as 25mg or ONE GUMMY.

Your first “tester” dose should not be more than half that dose or about 12mg.

Also, if the dose is above 10mg on any cannabinoid edible, it’s also a good idea to start with a 1/2 dose – period.

Even Full Spectrum CBD should be started on a low an slow basis, mainly because so many of us have endocannabinoid systems that are pretty much chilling out and not accustomed to having beneficial friends (phytocannabioids as compared to endocannabinoids like anadamide) visit (in the form of edibles).

If you know someone who is not familiar with the low and slow approach, let them see a copy of this Potheadz #5: Edibles are Your Friend.

Potheadz #5: Edibles are Your Friend
Carolina Hemp Hut stresses the value in understanding the impact of edibles with small doses of ANY new product before delving into a "full serving" as listed on the packaging. This may help you enjoy the sesh better.