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Carolina Hemp Hut is the biggest hemp store chapel hill nc

Your Favorite Hemp Store in Chapel Hill, NC

The Largest Cannabis store in Orange County NC is not in Chapel Hill, the biggest city in Orange County, NC. In fact, more residents of Orange County and the Chapel Hill area know that there are convenient store in Chapel Hill that offer cannabis, but the best stores are just north of Chapel Hill.

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Several members of our team have lived for years in the Chapel Hill ZIP codes. Working and living in Orange County, NC has been both a pleasure and a pain. It’s pretty much like any town in any city. Except, when it comes to having a great hemp store, you cannot find one in town directly. When looking for a hemp store in Chapel Hill, NC, you are restricted mainly to vape/tobacco shops, convenience stores, grocery stores, and a couple of small boutiques.

Most people who enjoy cannabis products will cover the spectrum from die-hard critics of all things cannabis to “any skunk weed will do” folks. For those who enjoy discussing, in detail, the ins and outs of cannabis products, the short drive north in Orange County or into Durham County (just north of Chapel Hill) will give any Chapel Hill visitor a wonderful experience.

Carolina Hemp Hut stores were created by Hillsborough resident Mary Lopez Carter and brought to Durham County in 2018. The Hillsborough store was first opened in 2019 (May) with the new Durham County store on 15/501, north of Chapel Hill and UNC area.

Over the years, we have shaped Carolina Hemp Hut into a one-stop cannabis resource for people seeking better health outcomes with cannabis and for people looking to discover safer alternatives to questionable products sold under streetlamps or in shops with no lab-testing retrievable.

Now, Carolina Hemp Hut is the largest dedicated hemp store of its kind in North Carolina and we continue to offer exceptional products, service, and reliability to customers looking for a hemp store in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Southern Village, Governor’s Club and other Chapel Hill communities.

When Mary first looked at locations to open the first Carolina Hemp Hut, Chapel Hill was the first choice. However, finding a suitable location that would support a respectable cannabis store was difficult. One of the biggest problems was the lease in locations that would be suitable for the premium approach that she wanted was too high for reasonably fair pricing to consumers.

Mary wanted to be sure that the overhead of the stores (all the expenses associated with running the store) did not make it so that the products didn’t have to be priced too high to have a sustainable business model. Many locations in the area were too cost prohibitive to keep prices to customers low. Most stores in the Chapel Hill area have higher prices to cannabis-seeking customers due to passing along their overhead costs to customers.

This led to examining other communities adjoining Chapel Hill. The continued search led eventually to the flagship store being established in Hillsborough. Now, the Hillsborough Carolina Hemp Hut along with the Carolina Hemp Hut – Durham (just north of Chapel Hill on 15/501) serve a larger region than Chapel Hill and offer the best pricing coupled with exceptional product selection in the Triangle area.

People in communities such as Timberlyne, Meadowmont, and The Oaks know that they can have same-day delivery of the highest quality cannabis products or they can visit one of the nearby CBD Superstores and find exactly what they need with no hassles. For those (especially during Covid precautions) who avoid in-store visits, the tried and true curbside pickup is still in place.

Whether you live in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, White Cross or a surrounding community, you’re in good hands ordering from or visiting the biggest Cannabis source in the Triangle Area: Carolina Hemp Hut.

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At the Carolina Hemp Hut, we help first with the healing, not the high. We seek to assist in boosting your health outcomes with more natural options where possible.

Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham

Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham

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Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham
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